Small Chested Female Riders In Vietnam To Be Banned

OK.. Now this is one of the weirdest snippets of news I’ve come across in the last few days.

Its been reported that in a rather bizarre move to try and reduce the accident rate the ruling Communist Party in Vietnam is to ban female motorcycle riders with a chest measurement less than 71cm from riding a motorbike. The rather odd idea, which came from their Ministry of Health, is that small chested people cannot be healthy and therefore should not be riding around on a motorbike!!

Now, I have a couple of thoughts on this,

Firstly, in a nation of small slightly built people, does this mean that virtually all women will be banned from riding.

Secondly, will there be a sudden boom in the breast enlargement industry in Vietnam?

And lastly, how the heck are they going to enforce this? Are they going to introduce chest measuring as part of the licencing procedure? Are the Vietnamese police officers now going to carry tape measures round with them? Will there be roadside chest measuring going on now to try and catch anyone flouting the new law?

How bizarre!!!


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