Thief Sends Sorry Note!

November 8, 2008

Whilst perusing the interweb today I came across a heartwarming story. In 2001 a young drug addict noticed a shop he was passing had been broken into and taking advantage of the situation had gone in and stolen 400 cigarettes.

Come forward in time to 2008 and the owner of the shop, a Mr. Imran Ahmed, has received a letter of apology from the thief and £100 to pay for the cigarettes. In the letter the thief explains how in 2001 his life was a mess due to drug abuse but he has now turned it round and is trying to make amends for his wrongdoings in his past.

Mr. Ahmed intends donating the cash to a drugs charity, so hopefully other people with a drug dependency problem will benefit from the thief’s feelings of remorse.

To the thief I have this to say..


I’m glad you turned things round for yourself and I’m so glad you have the guts to admit you have done wrong in the past and you are trying to make things right..