A Good And A Bad Day

The bad part of the day was waking up with a horrific headache which soon turned into a migraine. I’ve spent most of the day battling with painkillers trying to get it sorted out and mercifully it looks like it isn’t going to be a long migraine this time, which I very glad about.

The good part of the day was as follows.

Late this afternoon I went out to buy a few bits at one of the shops in town and came away with a little bit more than I was expecting.. A JOB!!!

I’ve never had that before, I have gone out to buy food and come home with 2 Guinea Pigs!! They were cute and I love Guinea Pigs so bought them on the spot.. But I have ever gone shopping and ended up with a job.

It’s good timing too, what with Christmas coming up and me starting to panic a little after losing my job 6 weeks ago.

It looks like Christmas may be back on in our house now.. woohoo!!


2 Responses to A Good And A Bad Day

  1. Mark Antony says:

    That’s great, well done! I can’t help but be curious about how you did it though 😉

    Good luck!

  2. Raven says:

    LOL… I asked about work there a few weeks ago and was told that they hadn’t been given authorisation to recruit more staff.. When I went in on the Saturday for my shopping they had just been told they could take on some staff.. The manager had seen me on the CCTV and had phoned down to the tills to ask me if I still wanted a job! The rest is history as they say LOL

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