How to Improve Your Riding Skills

It is so much better to know exactly what you should be doing instead of just hoping you are doing it right. So I have decided to ;ist a fe books which will help you become a better and safer rider. The first one is:

The Motorcycle Foundation’s Guide to Motorcycling Excellence: Skills, Knowledge and Strategies for Riding Right


This is the most authoritative book ever published on safe riding techniques for current and future motorcyclists. Founded in 1973, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is recognised internationally for its rider-training program, which has been applied world-wide by thousands of trainers in instructing more than three million motorcyclists the skills necessary to remain safe and have fun on the road.

This book is the core of what the MSF has learned about teaching students of all ages and experience levels and is a brilliant refresher for anyone who has ever taken an MSF course, and an eye-opener for those who haven’t. In an open, engaging style with detailed diagrams and comprehensive full-colour pictures and illustrations, the book encompasses rider mental attitude, protective riding gear, pre-ride inspection, maintenance, and troubleshooting, as well as basic and advanced street skills.

This new edition of “Motorcycling Excellence” provides the opportunity for every motorcyclist, to identify for him or herself the kicks and delights of “riding right” by getting the best from self and machine.

One Response to How to Improve Your Riding Skills

  1. Anonymous says:

    When I passed my RiderCoach preparation I got the MSF “Guide to Motorcycling Excellence..” and read it. I recommend this book to all new as well as experienced riders. It’s a great resource and explains all the critical techniques. It’s money well spent. Now is the time to get and read it.
    PS: It helps me when I coach a class and students ask questions. I give them the correct explanation using words that makes them understand the principals.

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