Say No To Bike Parking Fees

After a successful trial in Westminster, the Bike Parking Tax will be rolled out permenently in Feb 2009 and is going to be introduced across the rest of the country according to the Westminster Director of Parking.  After the February there will be no problems introducing the scheme to the other 32 boroughs in London and then across the country starting with Birmingham, Liverpool and Peterborough.  In Westminster alone £585,ooo will be raised just be charging bikers to park in the full year from 2008/2009.  

More and more people are turning to bikes and scooters as a cheaper form of transport, what with Road Tax and fuel costs being what thay are, and instead of motorbike and scooter riders being able to enjoy cheaper transport, and being given all due respect for using less fuel, taking up less space and creating fewer emissions, we are now going to be ‘taxed’ in another way..

I ride a bike for 2 reasons:

1.  I love bikes and always have

2.  Its a damn sight cheaper than running a car.

Where is the incentive to turn to bikes as a cheaper form of transport if we are going to get stiffed another way?

If you feel strongly about this then you can sign THIS PETITION and show your displeasure. 

But in all honesty I personally don’t think it will make the blindest bit of difference, its easy money for the Councils and they are all for making easy money.. But I still signed it as I don’t agree with it and its the only way to make my protest at the moment!


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