Winter Riding – Protecting Your Motorbike

In spite of the British doing its best to keep motorcyclists off the road it is possible, with a few preparations and simple steps, to have your bike coming out of the winter looking as good as it went into the nasty season of the year.

Here some simple tips to help protect your bike from potential salt and water damage throughout the winter;

1. Make sure you protect your bike against potential salt damage by spraying your motorbike with something like ACF-50 or Scottoiler FS 365. Applying these will disperse water and act as a barrier and will protect engine casings, frames and all metal parts, as well as wiring, from unwanted salt and water corrosion, and also help prevent muck sticking to your bike quite so much.

2. If the weather has been really bad and there is lots of salt down on the roads give your bike a quick wash down with cold water every time you ride it. This will help prevent any salt building up on your bike and help prevent any damage.

3. Make sure you wash your bike regularly throughout the winter and give it a good coating of wax. Wax again will help prevent muck sticking to you bike and help the fairings stay cleaner and much nicer looking. Once you have washed it give your motorcycle another good coating of the anti-corrosion sprays to help protect your baby.
There, simple!

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