Top Gear’s Christmas Special 2008 Sees The Stigs Bike Mad Cousin!

At last something bike related on Top Gear!  About time considering that 2 of the presenters are bike nuts!

The trio are given one of their wacky tasks, to get across Vietnam in just 8 days, and decide to buy motorcycles and scooters to do the trip on.

With the wheels sorted, they set off on one of the most spectacular and incredible road trips Top Gear has ever attempted and the Stig’s bike mad cousin even makes an appearance, decked out in red!!

The Stig's Bike Mad Cousin

The Stig's Bike Mad Cousin

This is definately something I am going to be glued to the box for that night! I cant wait! Although the picture of Richard Hammond on a totally PINK Minsk 125 is mare than a little disturbing, to say the least!


Poor Minsk 125

Now the pictures seen recently of Mr Clarkson on a scooter make sense, he was obviously getting in some practice for the filming of the Christmas special.

The Top Gear Christmas Special 2008 is being aired on Sunday 28th December, at 8pm..  I can’t wait 🙂


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