My Apologies

I’m sorry for my absence over the last week or two, and my subsequent lack of entries, but our modem fried itself and we were without the internet!  Thankfully all is now sorted and it will be business as usual from now on.. I’ve missed my blog and am looking forward to being able to post some of the ideas I have had over the last few weeks.. 

It was quite difficult being without the internet to start with, I missed it so much (strange woman that I am!!) but I noticed as we got used to it, quite how much time I had actually spent on it before and how much time I now had spare to do other things.. such as snuggle up with my other half in front of the TV, to talk and laugh or to play games on the PS3 or my PSP..

So in the end I didn’t really miss it much and enjoyed the time I had free to do other things..


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