Girls and Sports Bikes

It’s not that many years ago that the sight of a girl on her own motorbike would have the male riders absolutely stunned to silence. Nowadays motorcycling is no longer the domain of the testosterone-fueled man and it is quite likely that you will see women out on the road on their own bikes, and a growing percentage of the girls are riding sports and supersports bikes.
I’m one of them!! And I love it!!
Now, I must admit that I’ve not seen many men stunned into silence when I’ve pulled up on my bike and taken off my crash helmet but I have seen quite a few chins hitting the floor! And it still makes me giggle even now to see it happen 🙂 and in all honesty it is still quite a common occurrence!

I am no longer the ornament on the pillion seat, and never will be again as I now HATE going on the back of a bike with a passion! I no longer feel safe, as I’m not in control of the bike back there.

Things are getting so much better for us girls now. Ever since the Fireblade was first introduced back in 1992, the motorbike manufacturers have realised that a decent power to weight ratio could result in smaller, slimmer and more powerful machines, which are perfect for us girls.

Now I may be too small height wise to ride a 1992 Fireblade, unfortunately at 5’ 3” my body is too tiny to reach over that huge tank safely, but there is absolutely no reason at all why I cant ride a newer Fireblade, as well as many other newer sports bikes on the market now.

I looked at the weight of the Fireblade over the years and have noticed that weight wise anything after the 2002 Fireblade is pretty much the same weight as my 1992 CBR400 Baby Blade! So guess what I want to own one day!! Now I know it will be a taller bike, but after having ridden a sports bike for a few years and getting used to the weight, having to have both feet flat on the floor, while preferable, will not be so much of a necessity.

Today’s motorbikes steer almost with a glance in the right direction and are incredibly light and powerful and they are getting so much smaller that they are almost perfect for us smaller female riders. Not long ago I saw a guy on Suzuki riding towards the pedestrian crossing I was waiting on and I was convinced it was a GSX-R600. It was only when it went past me that I realised it was actually a 1000cc bike! I was so amazed I had to wander back round to where he had parked up to make sure and yes, it definitely was the litre bike! I could not believe how tiny it was, I would easily fit on it!

The good thing about being a girl and looking at bikes like that is that I imagine that as we are smaller they would be less cramped for us to ride. The guy I saw on that GSX-R1000 looked as if he was dwarfing the bike and had knees and elbows poking out all over the place. I’m sure I would have looked much better on it 🙂

The other advantage for us girls on sports bikes is that generally we are lighter as well 🙂 which means our bikes will go faster than the same bike with a much larger and heavier man on it 🙂 woohoo!!!!!

That’s the part I like.. Yes I may be little, my bike may ‘only’ be a 400cc one but with only 8 stone in weight on it she goes like hot stink with me on her 🙂 and she is so much fun.

I found this list of ‘recommended’ bikes for girls,

  • Aprilia RS125
  • Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade
  • Honda RVF NC35
  • Honda VFR400 NC30
  • Suzuki GSR600
  • Suzuki GSX-R750 K6
  • Triumph 675
  • Yamaha YZF-R6
  • but if you check out this post as well Bikes Girls Can Ride to see the kinds of bikes being ridden by girls right now.  You will soon see we are not really limited with the bikes we are able to ride.

    Choosing Your First ‘Big’ Bike will provide you with some pointers for when you are choosing a bike.

    Plus now you can check out these posts about Ride Height Adjustment Kits for the different makes of motorcycles.





    So come on girls, get off the pillion seat and on to a bike of your own. The choices, bike wise, for us girls are so much better now, and with a little ‘tweaking’ the choices are widened even further in some cases 🙂

    You wont regret it, I promise 🙂


    8 Responses to Girls and Sports Bikes

    1. PiterKokoniz says:

      Hi !!!! 😉
      My name is Piter Kokoniz. oOnly want to tell, that your blog is really cool
      And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
      Sorry for my bad english:)
      Thank you!
      Your Piter

    2. Raven says:

      Hi Piter,

      Well kind of 🙂 It started out as my observations on life from a motorcyclists point of view and then kind of expanded to include include all the information I keep popping on it.
      I really enjoy doing it 🙂


    3. jo says:

      hiya Raven so glad i found this site, i am about the same weight and height as you (female)…have been riding a 125 for a few months now and am itching to get a bigger bike, i was thinking of taking the MOD 1 on my own 125 as i know that if i take the direct access course i will most probably get put on a Bandit or something similar, which i wont ride after the test anyway as i am too small..i reckon i will go for holding the 33bhp license for a while until i get my skills up, with that in mind can anyone recommend a 33bhp for someone of my size who intends to do a lot of cruising?
      thanks in advance

    4. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I really have enjoyed your well-written articles. I have bookmarked this site and will definitely be checking back for new posts.

    5. Jean says:

      OMG!!! You’re such an awesome chick, i would go riding with you any day. Your blog and articles are so informative and found you by another women riding site. Im 5’3″ and love sport bikes. I’ll be a newbie rider soon but i’v always wanted to ride my own. Hubby wants me on the back, but i’v got a type A personality and want to control my own. I’v always loved motorcycles. You seem like a pretty feisty, know what you want kind of chick and nice to see that there are more of us in the world. Thank you for having this to rely on getting information from a woman’s perspective. I will definitely frequent this site and send it to my friends that want to ride as well. Blessings be. =0)

    6. jayne light says:

      i bet ur a m***e munching lesbian arent you….stick to the kitchen…..b***h

      *Please note I did edit this comment, Raven

    7. Raven says:

      It takes all sorts I suppose!!! PMSL!!!!!

    8. Ceejay says:

      Hi Raven! I found your blog whilst researching my own little ride an enduro/dirtbike but legal road use. As it happens I am 5″3 and weigh 8.5 stone. I know I will struggle with bike size so do have any suggestions as to what type of bike? Im looking just to cruise around and find off road spots. Also, how hard is to learn to ride a dirtbike? The gear changes,handling etc? Thanks much! Ceejay UK

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