Hein Gericke Sienna II Jacket Review


Hein Gericke Sienna II Motorcycle Jacket

Hein Gericke Sienna II Motorcycle Jacket

As I have one, plus after seeing the kinds of offers HG are doing in their New Year Sale at the moment I though I would add my impressions of my Hein Gericke Sienna II Jacket. I got it in July 2008 and was very impressed with it right from the start.

First impressions on trying it on were how comfortable it felt and how well it fitted. Its just the right width across my shoulders, the arm length was perfect as is the length of the body. The arm length is spot on when I am riding my bike, as sleeves tend to ride up a bit when you lean over a sports bike to reach the handlebars.

The back has an elasticated section at waist level so you can adjust it to fit and there are 2 zips at the bottom on the back so the hip measurement can be made bigger if needed (Thats handy for when I’m in my OH’s leather jeans as I am wider across the butt wearing them!!) It also has a quilted removable inner lining which has proved totally adequate through the winter so far.

The jacket has shoulder and elbow armour, which can be removed if you want but mine stayed in as it is added protection for me. It did take a little getting used to as I hadn’t had an armoured jacket before, but it didn’t take long and I was totally comfortable with it. Back armour can be added if you want.

The jacket has zips on the shoulders and back, not with pockets in them but a mesh lining, so when they are open and it’s hot, ventilation across your body is increased. So it is even comfortable on warmer days.

It has 3 inner pockets and 3 outer ones so I have more than enough for the bits (junk) I carry with me everywhere.

I cannot fault the quality in anyway and hope to be wearing it for many years to come.

Jacket details

Features: Adjustable waist; Lockable vents on chest + back; Full-length connecting zip; Detachable thermal lining; 2 external pockets; 3 inner pockets

Protection: HIPROTEC Backshock Air CE-approved back protectors at shoulders + elbows . Additional padding at shoulders + arms. Double leather at shoulders + elbows. SAFE stitch seams

Construction: 1.1mm cowhide; Exterior: 100% leather; Lining: 100% polyester; Detachable lining: 100% polyester

Click on either the links or the photos to be taken to Hein Gericke’s online store


One Response to Hein Gericke Sienna II Jacket Review

  1. FB says:

    I confused myself reading the post.
    Does the jacket come with CE approved back protection or not?

    I found most jackets just come with a foam shield where the spine protection supposed to be. Many riders never bother with buying CE approved inlays. Personally I value spine protection over shoulder and elbow protection. I often wonder why companies don’t offer the most important protection?

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