Choosing The Correct Size Motorcycle Helmet

Buying the correct size crash helmet is probably the most important thing you will need to do if you are either just learning to ride, or replacing a crash helmet which has been damaged in some way. A correctly fitting crash helmet really can save your life and really is something you should spend some time doing to ensure a perfect fit.

Here is a quick guide to help ensure you buy the correct size.

Firstly use a tape measure to find out the circumference of your head. Measure round your head with the tape just above your ears and about one inch, or 2.54cm, above your eyebrows. Don’t pull the tape too tight, but take your time and measure your head a few times and work out the average measurement. When you have your head measurement look at the size guide below to find out your helmet size. If you find your head measurement is between two sizes, you should always try the larger size first.

Motorcycle Helmet Size Guide

Motorcycle Helmet Size Guide

Please note these sizes are intended as a guideline only. The same as when clothes shopping, different crash helmet manufacturers do unfortunately interpret the sizes differently, and so a medium from one manufacturer may not fit as well as the same size from someone else.

If you are buying your motorcycle helmet from a retail outlet make sure you try on plenty of helmets from different manufacturers to make sure you get one that fits correctly. If you are buying online, as many people are these days, it is worth remembering that under UK Internet retail law you have the right to return anything you buy for a full refund if you are not happy with it or f it does not ft correctly. You are normally able to return items within 7 days, but make sure you check the small print of the online retailer you are dealing with.

How To Test For A Good Helmet Fit

Once you have the crash helmet on your head you should always check the following.

The top pad inside of the helmet interior should be in firm contact with the top of your head

Your cheeks should be in light to medium contact with the helmets cheek pads

Next you should try to push your finger up between your forehead and the helmet interior. There should not be any space there for your fingers to fit into.

Now you should try to rotate the helmet back and forwards and from left to right on your head. When moving the helmet the skin on your head and face should move. If the helmet moves without doing this it is too big and you will need to try on a smaller size. It’s worth bearing in mind that because of the different sizing by the different manufacturers you may find you are between sizes. If this is the case you may find that you need a different style of motorcycle helmet to ensure the correct fit.

Next thing is to fasten the chin strap so that it is tight enough under your jaw, without suffocating you. Once this is done you should try to push the helmet off your head form the back, and then try the same thing from the front. Obviously they should not come off.

The last thing to check is that you are totally happy with how much you can see out of the visor. Smaller visor sizes mean you will not see so much as a larger one.

If you follow the guidelines you should end up with a crash helmet which is the correct fit for your head. As I mentioned this is one aspect of motorcycling which really can save your life and you should take time to make sure you buy a correctly fitting one.

Your life may depend on it.

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