Police Having To Return Possible Stolen Bikes To Thieves

This is almost enough to make me spit feathers!!

Apparently the police are having to return what they believe are stolen motorcycle parts to the thieves they were seized from because they are unable to find out who the rightful owners were.  According to the Metropolitan Police’s stolen vehicle squad many parts did not have any identifying marks, which if you think about it is the norm for many motorbikes. 

Unless we mark practically every part of our motorbikes, how can we prove its ours once its stripped down and the engine and frame numbers are gone?

The parts have to be returned to what the police believe are thieves as they are unable to prove they are stolen.  The Metropolitan Police are urging motorcycle owners to try and put extra identifying marks on their motorcycles in as many places as possible. 

Security devices such as Alpha Dot and Datatag are available to help you make your bike more secure. 

The Datatag system, available for about £25, includes a small undetectable transponder which you place somewhere IN your motorcycle, in the frame somewhere is usually a good idea, and also includes tamperproof and unremovable stickers, which can be placed on items such as fairings and seats.  Once you register the kit the police can trace you as the rightful owner in the event it is stolen. 
Product Information
  • Easy fit trackable security system
  • Makes life difficult for bike thieves!
  • Fit a small undetectable transponder to you bike which leaves an electronic fingerprint
  • Register online so if your bike is recovered police can identify to you
  • Tamperproof/unremoveable datatag stickers are supplied to fit to your bike
  • Some insurers offer reduced premiums for Datatag users.
Datatag For Just £24.45!

Datatag For Just £24.45

The Alpha Dot system, costing about £30, works in a similar way.  You are provided with a series of microdot stickers which you apply to various parts of your motorcycle, which when you have registered the product supplies the Police with the actual owners details in the event of recovery after a theft.  The details of the Alpha Dot system are as follows.

  • An effective, proven theft deterrent.
  • Widely supported by the police and insurance companies alike.
  • Features microdot technology with unique PIN coding
  • Ready for immediate and easy application.
  • Owners details accessible to the police 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Protects a complete motorcycle and all its components.
  • Adheres to virtually any surface and all shapes and sizes.
  • Does not damage or deface – almost invisible.
  • Single dispenser pack marks and identifies one motorcycle and accessories.
  • Free lifetime registration – legitimate change of ownership easily updated.
  • Permanent marking and identification increase value.

Both systems are real easy to fit to your bike and for an out lay of about £30 would definitely prove worthwhile if your bike was returned to you after a theft, plus as a added bonus most insurance companies support the scheme and offer a discount on insurance premiums.

Not only is it a good idea to purchase one for your bike, but it would make a terrific gift idea for a birthday present for other riders you know.


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