Daytona Ladystar (M-Star) Boots – Help For The Vertically Challenged Motorcyclist!

Are you riding round on a motorbike wishing you could get just a tiny bit more of your foot than your tip toes on the ground when you come to a halt? Aside from buying a short bike in the first place what other options do you have out there to help?

There are several things you can do.

Shave some of the foam out of the seat.

Soften the suspension a bit so that the bike sinks down a little more when your bum is on it.

Physically lowering the bike with a height adjustment kit (see the posts in the Ride Height Adjustment Category).

Unfortunately both of the last two options will affect the handling in one way or another, even if only by a little bit, and you will have to do it to every ‘tall’ motorcycle that you may buy in the future!

What if I was to tell you that there is another option, which does not involve any kind of adjustment to your bike? If anything it adjusts you!! And that is to treat yourself to a pair of Daytona Ladystar Boots.

Daytona Ladystar (M-Star) Boots

Now, for those not in the know, these are absolutely brilliant for the vertically challenged amongst us, and yes at 5 foot 3 inches that does include me too! The boot’s sole incorporates a built in 2.5cm lift as well as a 1cm thick sole! So put these babies on and you are immediately 3.5 cm taller! How cool is that? 🙂

Wearing a pair of these may just make all the difference between a costly tip-over and a good save if your bike starts to unexpectedly go over with you on it.  And the best part of it is that they look just like a regular pair of boots and so no one will know you need help to be able to touch the floor more on your bike.

Now I know that there are short guys out there that may struggle with riding some motorbikes due to the seat height, but please don’t feel left out. The larger sizes of the Daytona Ladystar boots are know by the masculine sounding M-Star, so even the vertically challenged guy can wear them without affecting their masculinity 😉

The boots start at a European size 35 and go through to a size 43. They are only available in black, no bright colours (or pink in the case of the guys sizes) on these babies. A comfortable fit is achieved with both zip and Velcro closures on the legs and with Gore-Tex ™ waterproofing your feet will stay dry as well as warm.

The heels and ankles are armored and will provide protections from abrasion and impact. They also have a reflective patch on the heels, which may help the inattentive drivers around you see that you are there. And for when it rains they have a built in shower proof edging at the top of the boot.

Now the only complaint I can honestly see with these boots is the price. At about the £250 mark they aren’t the cheapest pair of motorcycle boots out there on the market BUT if buying a pair means you can ride the bike of your dreams then surely they are worth it.

Plus.. You may well find that the cost of the boots is less than it would be to have your bike adjusted to fit you!

Plus.. As and when you change bikes they go with you!

Ok.. I know I am really extolling their virtues but they are quite simply a brilliant boot and if you are tired of having to replace bent levers as your bike tips over too easily on you, then maybe, just maybe these are the answer you are looking for.

Check your local dealer, or favourite online store, for details about pricing and availability.

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