2009 Motorcycle Test – Price Hike, Again!

Motorcycle L-PlateI really can’t believe this bit of news.  Apparently the price of the 2009 motorcycle test is to go up AGAIN!

Not content with a £20 increase in September 2008 to cover the increased costs of the new test, it is to go yet up again by another £10.50!

If you are booking your motorbike test and intend taking it after March 30th 2009 it will now cost you a staggering £90.50!

That’s a 50% increase in fees in less than a year!

Considering the last increase in fees was supposed to pay for the increased costs for the new test, I’m absolutely appalled that they are yet again increasing the fees while many of the new test centres still need to be built!

How the heck can they justify yet another increase when some learner riders will still have to travel too many miles to get to one of the new centres? 

Talk about being ripped off!!

It’s enough to make my blood boil!


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