Faulty Speed Cameras Could Wipe Out Speeding Convictions

This is an interesting snippet of news..

Apparently there is a landmark case being heard in a Manchester court at the moment, which if it is won may mean the return of £600 million in speeding fines and fees.

The case is being brought by a gentleman called Aitken Brotherstone who is adamant that the LTI 20/20 Speedscope laser gun, which apparently clocked him doing 52 in a 40 zone had provided an accurate reading. 

Part of his defence is that all the speed cameras introduced in the UK since 1992 are illegal due to the way in which the law introducing them was initially implemented.  His defence barrister is claiming that each successive Home Secretary since Michael Howard had implemented their own schemes of ministerial approval for speed cameras, and were in the wrong to pass speed camera devices, such as the LTI 20/20 without parliamentary scrutiny.

Could you imagine it if he does win?  How many people will have speeding fines returned to them? Plus how about all those points being taken back off their driving licences! And don’t forget about bans being lifted!!

I think I may be very interesting indeed if he does win! Chaos at it’s best!

I will keep you informed as and when more news is released about this!


4 Responses to Faulty Speed Cameras Could Wipe Out Speeding Convictions

  1. FB1000inPA says:

    I am wondering. Does the police only use radar devices like the ones in question or are there other electronic devices in use well such as stop watches, etc?

    How long does the .gov keep records? What happens in cases where someone got a ticket and the records were deleted from the databases?

    “Well, I got a ticket 10 years ago for speeding, paid for it, and the points were deleted from my driver license.” “Great, now proof it.”

  2. Raven says:

    The unit in the photo is a stand alone unit, they press the button and it’s either a yes or a no as to whether a vehicle is speeding..

    The average speed ones are more interesting. They are stationed at point A and B and take your number plate at either end and work out your average speed between the two points..

    I don’t know how long records are kept for, would be interesting to try and find out though..

  3. jazzy says:

    I know the points stay on your license for 3-5 years, but the as to the records, it would be interesting to know how long ‘Big Brother’ keeps these things?????

  4. Raven says:

    No idea.. But like you say, it would be interesting to know..

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