Demand For Second Hand Motorcycles Is Up

The following bit of information is good news for the second hand bike market but bad news for those in the UK  looking to get a second hand motorbike at a bargain price during the recession.

Apparently a major motorcycle auction company has revealed that there is a lot of interest shown at their monthly auction sales from European buyers.  While this may benefit those selling a bike,  it will keep the prices up due to the increase in demand from Europe, as well as those looking to purchase a motorbike as a cheaper form of everyday transport.

As the Euro is so strong, when compared with the pound at the moment, these European buyers are looking to pick up high value perfomance sportbikes and tourers  cheaply here and export them to Europe.

You can find bikes at good prices out there, but you do have to hunt around for them.  Compared with last year there doesn’t even seem to be much of a difference in the prices on auction sites such as Ebay, to be honest.

More and more people are switching to motorcycles and scooters as a cheaper form of transport, especially with the downturn in the economy at the moment.  The current prices in the second hand motorbike market are reflecting this but if you are looking to swap from 4 wheels to 2, you can still find good bikes out there at good prices.  Just be prepared to look around a bit for them that little bit more.


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