Save Up To £80 On HJC Helmets At M&P

How about this for a deal?

M & P practically giving away some of the HJC crash helmet range for the absolutely stunning price of £30!!!

Take a look at the chart below and you will see that you can save up to a MASSIVE £79 on the normal retail price.  The HJC helmets did quite well in the Sharp Helmet Safety Rating tests and are a perfect choice if you are shopping for your first helmet or just looking for a replacement in these cash strapped times.

The helmets which are being discounted include the following

The Eve helmet in both pink and purple,


The Myth helmet in black or blue


and the Session helmet in blue, black or red


To check out the details on the site just click on the item description in the chart below and it will take you straight to their website.  Don’t delay though as there is limited stock, and at these prices I very much doubt they will have them for long!

Part Number Description Size Sale Price
226810 HJC CL-ST Mosaic Matt Graphic
XLarge £30 £79
227387 HJC CL-ST Eve Helmet Purple
XSmall £30 £79
227389 HJC CL-ST Eve Helmet Purple
Medium £30 £79
227390 HJC CL-ST Eve Helmet Purple
Large £30 £79
227391 HJC CL-ST Eve Helmet Pink
XSmall £30 £79
227393 HJC CL-ST Eve Helmet Pink Medium £30 £79
808196 CS-12 SESSION RED MC1 XSmall £30 £79
808200 CS-12 SESSION RED MC1 XLarge £30 £79
808197 CS-12 SESSION RED MC1 Small £30 £79
808198 CS-12 SESSION RED MC1 Medium £30
808199 CS-12 SESSION RED MC1 Large £30
218710 CS-12 Session Black MC-5 XSmall £30 £79
218711 CS-12 Session Black MC-5 Small £30
218712 CS-12 Session Black MC-5 Medium £30 £79
218709 CS-12 Session Blue MC-2 XLarge £30
218707 CS-12 Session Blue MC-2 Medium £30 £79
218708 CS-12 Session Blue MC-2 Large £30 £79
218713 CS-12 Session Black MC-5 Large £30 £79
221167 CL-ST Myth Helmet Black XLarge £30
221163 CL-ST Myth Helmet Black XSmall £30 £119
221162 CL-ST Myth Helmet Blue XLarge £30 £119
221161 CL-ST Myth Helmet Blue Large £30 £119
221160 CL-ST Myth Helmet Blue Medium £30 £119
221159 CL-ST Myth Helmet Blue Small £30
221158 CL-ST Myth Helmet Blue XSmall £30

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