Riding A Motorcycle Can Help You Stay Young!

On The Road I have often felt, in the last two years, that I wish I had learned to ride at a much younger age as I have missed out on so much fun.

And I’m not the only one to think this…

Look at how many ‘more mature’ people are learning to ride a motorcycle, and not just for the usual ‘mid-life crisis’ reasons.  These days it is so much cheaper as a form of transport, and with the amount of traffic on the roads building up like it is motorcycles can nip you through the traffic so much faster!

I really believe that in learning to ride I have discovered the ‘fountain of youth’, and a lovely lady called Gina, from the USA whom I know via a motorcycle forum, feels exactly the same way.

Now, we can’t be the only ones who feel this 🙂

And now there has been a study which may go some way to backing up our claim of finding the ‘fountain of youth’.  Apparently a Japanese scientist, Ryuta Kawashima, a confirmed motorcycle enthusiast, has done a study which showed that a riders brain is activated more than car drivers brains as riding requires increased awareness and may lead to ‘smart aging’ for riders.

Kawashima, the man behind the “Brain Training” software for console games, worked with Yamaha Motor Company, and set up a string of experiments with middle aged men to test his theory.

In some of the tests involved about 22 middle aged men who had motorcycle licences but who had not ridden regularly for the last 10 years.  Half the group was asked to keep using their cars and bicycles, while the other half was to resume riding a motorcycle for 2 months.  In cognitive function tests the group who rode the motorcycles were seen to have higher marks than those who drove cars!

So it looks as if riding a motorbike may be good for your brain!  How cool is that.. Not that I need another reason to ride though, just getting on my bike and riding off is enough to put a smile on my face and make my day 🙂


One Response to Riding A Motorcycle Can Help You Stay Young!

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Raven,

    Thanks for the link to your blog, looks as though it will be a treasure trove of informatin…..its definitly true about bike riding giving you hightend sences, I always feel truly alive on a bike…I see middle aged men crop up again lol.



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