Scottoiler V-System with FREE Dual Injector At M & P

M & P (UK) are currently offering the Scottoiler V-System with a FREE Dual Injector for just £84.95!!

I have one of these on my bike, my partner bought it for me on my birthday last year and I can quite honestly say it’s flippin’ brilliant!  He has used them on his bikes for years now and they take ALL the hassle out of lubing your chain.  PLUS you never forget to do it either.

The system automatically lubes your chain as you ride round so there will be no messing about with chain lube, wax or anything else for that matter.

They are pretty easy to fit and instructions are available for lots of bikes on their website.

The after sales service cannot be faulted either!  One of the injectors came/fell off after I fitted mine so I rang Scottoiler up to ask for the price of another one and they mailed one out to me free of charge!  I was offically impessed!

Benefits and Features

The Scottoiler vSystem captures the accustomed core benefits of chain oiling and presents various additional benefits and features:

  • Automatic system that lubricates while you ride.
  • The vSystem allows the rider to adapt the flow rate of the oil to suit the riding conditions giving the ride control over lubrication of the chain and sprocket.
  • The range on this kit is approximately 400 to 800 miles between refilling the reservoir, dependent on the flow rate setting.
  • Can make your chain and sprocket set last so much longer

For most bikes everything you need to fit the kit is supplied in the box, plus a bottle of the oil so you can get to fitting it pretty much as soon as it arrives.  If your’s is one of the bikes which needs non standard fittings all you have to do it ring them and they pop the part in the post free of charge for you!

I am so impressed with mine and will definately be fitting them to all future bikes I may own..


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