My Birthday Pressie Arrived Today!

May 28, 2009


My birthday pressie arrived today, a pair of Draggin Jeans Camos in the Molten Red 🙂 and I absolutely love them!

Fit wise (size 10/28″ waist) they are spot on for me, they are really comfortable when riding and I definitely felt a lot cooler in them on the way back from the bike shop after picking them up.

Ermm… Just in case you were wondering I did wear my leather trousers on my bike to the shop (tehehe!) but just had to wear the new trousers home! I couldn’t wait and kept them on after trying them on to make sure they fitted ok 🙂

Oh, by the way, that isn’t me in the photo, I’m more of a girl type shape 🙂 Mind you, I wouldn’t mind having that bike though!

They cost £89.99 at one of my local bike shops, Brackley Yamaha

Here is a bit about them from Draggin Jeans’ website.

Features & Benefits

  • Permanently lined with soft Kevlar® lining.
  • Made from the best quality heavy weight drill fabric – very comfortable to wear.
  • Designed from the most popular fitting styles for men and women.
  • Cut long in the legs.
  • Fully breathable.
  • Fully machine washable.
  • Extra strong zip used.
  • Our own precision engineered button.
  • Large Velcro fastened pockets at knees, 2 pockets at waist, 2 pockets on backside.

They come in a range of colours as well, so there is plenty to choose from and you will probably find a pair which will go with your bike, or at least not clash with it.  Maybe that’s a girl thing but you never know, it may be important to guys too!

  • Flame Orange
  • Arctic Blue
  • Urban
  • Desert
  • Jungle Green
  • Candy
  • Stingers Yellow
  • and of course my Molten Red!

I hope I never have to really ‘test’ how good they are, but if you want to check out how they stand up to tarmac check this out!

Product Testing

That’s a pretty fair product test, don’t you think!!!

I’m one very happy lady this evening..

New Motorcycle Test Under Fire After Series Of Accidents

May 27, 2009

Motorcycle L-Plate The government and the DSA is under increasing pressure to rethink the new motorcycle test after a series of accidents in it’s first few weeks.

On the very first day one young man, in South Yorkshire, suffered a broken arm after crashing while trying to slow in the wet immediately following the new ‘swerve’ manoeuvre, and since then 14 more accidents have been reported.  There was one additional, as yet unreported, accident yesterday when a young lady training at my old bike school also fell off doing the same manoeuvre.  Luckily she was not hurt but was shaken up and bruised.

Instructors, and bikers who have emailed the BBC, have said that trying to perform such a manoeuvre at 31.2 mph (50 kph), while possibly suffering from test nerves, is dangerous, especially when performed on a wet surface.

While the test would probably be fine when done in the dry, new riders who may be tempted to brake and swerve at the same time are likely to come a cropper when trying to do this in the wet.  Bikers are taught very early on in their training that braking when not going in a straight line is a BAD thing to do, and even though the trainees taking their tests are undoubtedly taught the same thing, test nerves may be getting the better of them.

Dexterity Motorcycle Training in Kent tried the test out two years before it was implemented and had this to say about the swerve manoeuvre

The swerve/avoidance test – just simply getting up to the required speed (as on my first run) will catch some out, others will swerve and brake too soon and too hard simultaneously with the front brake and bin it.

Somewhat prophetic words I think, considering what is happening on the tests now.

Jeff Stone of the British Motorcycle Federation had this to say

“There is no real argument with the actual test, but the DSA really do have to take note of ‘real world’ conditions.

“A brake and swerve manoeuvre on a wet road is fraught with danger for even an experienced motorcyclist, so there needs to be a safer option for inclement weather conditions.”

and Paul Turner of the Motorcycle Action Group added

“We don’t mind improvements in the test which will make for better riders, but putting people at risk during the test is ludicrous.”

Expecting novice riders to perform the manoeuvre at the same speed whether it is sunny or chucking it down is going against the instruction we are given as learner riders.  All riders are taught to ride according to the prevailing conditions, something which helps us to stay as safe as we can out on the roads.  We are taught to slow down in the wet, and increase stopping distances, but the DSA is overturning the training and asking new riders to hammer it coming out of a bend towards the swerve part of the test!

Phil Woolley, 28, of Liverpool, tells how he failed the test after completing the swerve slightly below the required speed.  He reckons the size of the test centre makes it difficult to get up to 50 kph without accelerating unsafely.  He says

“Do it at a controlled speed and you will almost certainly fail,” he said. “Or you just floor it as hard as you can and there is a good chance you will pass, but also a risk you will come off.”

Boy, am I glad I passed my test in February 2008, before the new test came into force.  I wouldn’t want to be tackling the new test.

Original Story

Bulldog Bash – Council Rejects Police Request For Licence Review

May 26, 2009


🙂 The request by Warwickshire Police for a review of the 10 year licence granted last year has been rejected by Stratford Council 🙂

Police were attempting, again, to get this years event cancelled in the interests of ‘public safety’ for the people of Warwickshire.

Stratford council rejected the application as they felt there were insufficient grounds for justifying a review, and overturning last years decision to grant a ten year licence for the event.

I’m pretty damn sure the organisers are well happy with this result 🙂

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Joe Rocket Gear For Girls In The UK

May 24, 2009


This is one great looking Joe Rocket Textile Jacket for us girls in the summer..

It is available from TopGear Superstore, here in the UK, and is currently on offer at £121.49, reduced from £134.99, with free delivery.  Click on the images to be taken to the pages on their website.

I particularly like the black one, with the purple running a very close second, although the purple would be out of the question with my current bike as the colour would clash!! 🙂

Joe Rocket Cleo 2.0 Motorcycle Textile Jacket Ladies - Black

I particularly like the design on the sleeve, adding that touch of individuality.

Joe Rocket Cleo 2.0 Motorcycle Textile Jacket Ladies - Paste

The jacket has a Free-Air poly/mesh outer shell which gives maximum ventilation and has a removable spine pad as well as CE rated armour in the shoulders and elbows.  The jacket has a removable waterproof liner, which helps to make a stunning looking jacket a very versatile piece of kit.

Joe Rocket Cleo 2.0 Motorcycle Textile Jacket Ladies - Blue


  • Free-air™ poly/mesh shell
  • C.E. rated protectors in shoulders and elbows
  • Removable spine pad with pocket for optional C.E. spine protector
  • Removable waterproof liner
  • Sure Fit™ adjustable waistband
  • 8″ zipper for pant attachment
  • Reflective stripe
  • Available in sizes from XS – XL

Joe Rocket Cleo 2.0 Motorcycle Textile Jacket Ladies - Back

Carrying Your Kids As Pillions!!!

May 23, 2009

I decided a few weeks ago that it was about time I tried my kids, aged 10 and 11, on the back of the bike.  We don’t own a car, so being able to take the kids places on the bikes would make life sooo much easier, and give us so many more opportunities to do things together.

So I sold off some spare bike parts to finance the kit.  Apart from the crash helmet which had to be brand new for safety reasons, I trawled Ebay for some good second hand kit for the following reasons

1) No job means finances are limited

2) I didn’t know if they were going to like it

3) They are growing like weeds and it probably won’t fit in 6 months!

So armed with a reasonable-ish amount of cash I managed to pick up an armoured leather jacket for just under £20, a pair of proper kids bike leather trousers for the same amount of money and boots too.  The crash helmet was bought brand new.  As for gloves I have a pair of x/s Joe Rocket gloves which, while too small for me, are perfect for the kids.

Wednesday afternoon, after school was D-Day (YIKES!!), after checking I was covered for carrying pillions on my insurance.  I took both kids out (separately of course) on the bike for the first time.  I laid down the rules before we went out, told the kids what they can and can’t do and off we went round the streets near my house.

Both kids did brilliantly 🙂

I only had to remind them once each about not fidgeting on the back, or switching which side of my head they are going to look past.  Other than that they were really good 🙂

I will admit I was more than slightly apprehensive about the whole thing for two reasons

1) I have never taken a pillion before

2) It was my kids on the back!

I took it nice and slow, getting used to the extra weight on the bike and remembering from my lessons about how carrying a pillion affects braking, etc., but after we had ridden round for a bit I was feeling a lot happier about the whole thing.  I stopped a few times on the way round to make sure my kids were ok and that they weren’t frightened at all, but both of them were fine.

This morning I decided to take my daughter into town with me as I had a few errands to run which meant going on busier roads with her.  We both remembered our riding on Wednesday and took our time to ride into town while not slowing down any other traffic.  It was a good ride and both of us enjoyed ourselves immensely 🙂

I now see what other riders mean when they say about carrying a pillion.  Your attitude to your riding does change, you are a damn sight more careful as you are no longer responsible for your own life, but that of your pillion as well.

So far I have really enjoyed my excursion into carrying a passenger and hope to have many more years of pleasure, being able to share my love of bikes with my kids.

My daughter is already asking when she can have one of her own!

Joe Rocket Gear In The UK

May 22, 2009

I’ve had quite a few queries about where to find Joe Rocket jackets and gear here in the UK, so I had a bit of a hunt round and come up with these at www.FL1.Co.UK.

FL1 have a great promotion running.  If you register with them, making sure to sign in when you go shopping, you will be given an automatic 5% discount off your order value 🙂

Click on the images below to be taken to the correct page of their website for more details

Joe Rocket GPX 2 Piece Suit

Joe Rocket GPX Suit

Joe Rocket GPX Suit Black

• 1.4mm cowhide construction
• 360 Jacket/Pant zip connection
• Sure Fit Adjustable Waist Band
• Nubuck leather cuff with 2 stage
• low profile Nubuck leather collar
• full flex stretch panels in crotch and back of legs
• curved sleeves & legs
• CE approved shoulder, elbow & knee armour
• bevelled knee sliders
• reflective Safety stripes on back
• spine & hip cushions
• Variable Flow ventilation system
• R.A.I.S moulded shoulder vents

• 1 Year

Joe Rocket GPX 1 Piece Suit

A one piece suit which is proving to be a best seller. A high quality and good fitting suit at a great price.

Joe Rocket 1 Piece Red

Joe Rocket 1 piece Grey

• 1.4mm cowhide construction
• low profile Nubuck leather collar
• Nubuck leather cuff with 2stage adjuster
• full Flex stretch panels in crotch,
sleeves and back of legs
• curved sleeves & legs
• Road Approved Race Suit
• CE approved shoulder. Elbow & knee armour
• dual density spine pad
• bevelled knee sliders

• Variable Flow ventilation system
• R.A.I.S moulded shoulder vents

Apart from these suites they also do the Joe Rocket Meteor 5.0 Jacket, the Joe Rocket Mercury Jacket, the Joe Rocket Mercury Trousers, the Joe Rocket Alter Ego Jacket and trousers, as well as a couple of pairs of gloves.

Motorcycle Safety Campaign – Funny, But Informative

May 21, 2009

I came across these today and thought I would pop them on here..

I found them on The Motorcycle Industry Association’s website and thought they conveyed the information in a way which makes you giggle, while still getting the point across..

Just click on the thumbnails to be taken to the larger images

How To Avoid Problems At Junctions Small

Hazards Along The Road Small

Road Surfaces Small

Diesel And Liquid Spills Small

Damaged And Repaired Road Surfaces Small

Traffic Calming Measures Small

Apparently there are more to come and I will add those as they appear on the site.

Images courtesy of Motorcycle Industry Association