Speed Camera Boss Gets Ban For Doing 102 Mph!

I’m sorry but I really had to giggle when I read this story.  Talk about justice!

Tom Riall, Chief Executive of Serco, the company responsible for the installation and maintenence of speed cameras was clocked, in January 2009, doing 102 mph on the eastbound side of the A14.  This section of dual carriageway has a speed limit of 70 mph!

Riall has previous motoring convictions from 2006 and 2007, one of which was also for speeding and told magistrates that a potential ban would be a significant punsihment on him as an individual, and may affect the possibility of keeping his children in their current private schools.  He estimated that it would cost in the region of £30,000 to hire 2 personal drivers for the duration of a 6 month ban.

He asked if the magistrates would consider not giving him a penalty which would take him past the 12 point mark, which would of course lead to an automatic ban.  He also pointed out that the offence had caused him considerable personal embarrassment… Awwwww… Poor man!

I’m sorry but speeding at that level does deserve punishment, no matter who you are and the magistrates rejected his plea and put 6 points on his licence and also imposed a £300 fine. As a result of the 6 points being added to his licence, Riall now faces a 6 month driving ban.

Just because you are the person who’s company puts the speed cameras all around the UK, does not mean you are above the law and should be entitled to special treatment.  Luckily for him, he seems to be in a position where he can pay for drivers to chauffeur him about, but how many of us ‘lesser mortals’ are in that position.  How many people have lost their jobs as a result of speeding convictions?

I do feel that the law is somewhat rigid on the question of speeding though.  While I do not condone speeding I cannot see the point of convicting people for going over the speed limit if there is no one else travelling on the same bit of road as yourself.  Surely some level of common sense can be used if they are not too much in excess of the posted limit!

But then again maybe not, what do you think?

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