No To The Bike Parking Tax

First there was MONDAY MAYHEM…..

31sr March 2009 - Bike Parking Tax Demo

Then there was LOOPY TUESDAY

11th Mat 2009 - First Group Arriving From The Ace

Next up will be OBJECTION WEDNESDAY!!!!


Weds, 1st July 09 Meet GOLDEN SQUARE, W1 (ROUTE MAP) between 5.45pm and 6.20pm, leaving at 6:30pm for ride to Westminster City Hall to arrive at 7pm…

Next up is another round of objections against the motorcycle/scooter parking tax scheme in Westminster City Council. In their attempt to make the scheme permanent (however permanent does not mean permanent), WCC by law, have to apply for a new traffic order and then open this new traffic order to objections, the objection window is 3 weeks from 11th June 09 to 2nd July 09.

On the eve of the final day for objections we will be organising a MEGA OBJECTION HAND IN DEMO right out side Westminster City Hall, Victoria St, SW1, (taking it back to the source of the problem, we haven’t forgotten Danny “Boy” Chalkley either), do clear your diaries on the 1st July, WE NEED YOU THERE. This is one of the few occasions when anybody truly against this tax can have their say, and to have that opinion officially noted.


Print it out fill it in, bring it along to the demo on the day when we will be handing them in to Westminster City Hall one by one. Let’s make them work! Get has many people as you know to fill this form in, we need thousands upon thousands to object. Remember, this is the thin end of the wedge, WESTMINSTER NOW YOUR COUNCIL NEXT!

Fliers for 1st July 09 “Objection Wednesday”

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3 Responses to No To The Bike Parking Tax

  1. JJ says:

    Looking forward to 1st July! Can’t wait to show Westminster what I think of them and their motorbike tax… NO TO BIKE PARKING FEES!

  2. UKFRANCE says:

    We will definitely be there tomorrow at the demo to say NO to the bike parking tax.

  3. MrC says:

    The campaigners are now looking to take Westminster Council to court see the site for details

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