Bulldog Bash – Police STILL Trying To Halt Event


The saga continues…..

Police Chiefs in Warwickshire have stated they will do “all within it’s power” to stop the 2009 Bulldog Bash taking place because of the escalation of gang warfare between rival biker gangs.  Apparently the police are worried that the event will be plagued with violence, after jail terms were handed out to the seven gang members involved in the brawl at Birmingham Airport in January last year.  They also claim that the Hells Angels are using the event to raise money for ‘organised crime’.

Even though the event has been given the go ahead by Stratford-Upon-Avon Council for the next ten years, the police are still taking legal advice in order to close the Bash down.  Assistant Chief Constable, Bill Holland has told the Birmingham Mail

“The ingrained hatred between the gangs has continued and become more entrenched. A pattern can be seen to emerge between incidents at the Bulldog Bash and developments worldwide within the motorcycle club community.  When you have a major event it becomes a symbolic target and must be considered at risk of attack.  The Bulldog Bash is a Hells Angels’ event, run by the Hells Angels for the Hells Angels. It raises a significant sum of money for an organised crime group. In no way can the Bulldog Bash disassociate itself from the Hells Angels.”

and also

“We are still hopeful through the courts of getting the licence for the event removed.”

Here a few things about this whole situation which ‘get my goat’ as it were.. Historically there has been very little trouble at the Bulldog, the unfortunate death of Mr Tobin took place AWAY from the event and also this ‘legal advice’ is presumably costing the tax paying people of Warwickshire a few quid!


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