Hyperpro Ride Height Adjustment Kits – Kawasaki Models

Picture this.. You have found the Kawasaki of your dreams.. But there is a problem! You feel the ride height is either too low or too high for you. But don’t panic with a Hyperpro Ride Height Adjustment Kit you can make your potential new bike a better fit for you.

With one of their height rising kits you can make your motorbike 20 to 30 millimetres higher, with a lowering kit you can lower your bike by 30 to 40 millimetres. THese kits could mean the difference between being able to ride the bike of your dreams comfortably and safely or having to pick another one.

Made from high grade aluminium, the Hyperpro Ride Height Adjustment Kits are designed to safely adjust the ride height of the bike.

Full fitting instructions are supplied with the kits but if you are unsure in any way about fitting the kit, then it is best you take your bike to your nearest bike workshop and have them do it for you.

Please note that when lowering or raising the ride height of your machine you may need to adjust things such as the length of the side stand and also you may need to make adjustments to the front forks.

Check your local dealer, or an online store for prices, availability and ordering information.

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And just so that you can easily find all the information you need, here is a link to the HyperPro website where you can find PDF files which show you by how much you can raise and lower each model of motorcycle by.  This link is for the Lowering Kits they supply, and this is for the PDF list of Height Raising Kits.

Hyperpro Ride Height Adjuster Kits are available for the following Kawasaki motorcycle models.

Please note, I do not sell these kits.  You will need to contact your local bike shop/dealer/garage to purchase one.

KAWASAKI GPZ 500 S (EX 500 D) – 94> (Lowering Kit)
KLE 500 (LE 500 A) – 91> (Lowering Kit)
ZX-6R (ZX 600 F) – 95-97 (Lowering & Raising Kit)
ZX-6R (ZX 600/ GG) – 98-00 (Lowering & Raising Kit)
ZX-6R (ZX 600/ JJ) – 00-02 (Lowering & Raising Kit)
ZX-6R (ZX 636 A/B) – 02-04 (Lowering & Raising Kit)
ZX-6R (ZX 636 C) – 05> (Lowering & Raising Kit)
ZZR 600 – 95> (Lowering Kit)
ER-6 N/F – 05> (Lowering Kit)
VERSYS 650 – 07> (Lowering Kit)
Z 750 (ZR 750 J) – 04> (Lowering & Raising Kit)
Z 750 (WITH ABS) (ZR 750 J) – 07> (Lowering & Raising Kit)
ZX-7R (Raising Kit)
ZX-9R NINJA (ZX 900 B/C) – 94-99 (Lowering & Raising Kit)
ZX-9R NINJA (ZX 900 EE) – ’00-01 (Lowering & Raising Kit)
ZX-9R NINJA (ZX 900 EE) – 02-03 (Lowering & Raising Kit)
KLV 1000 (WV BS) – 04> (Lowering Kit)
Z 1000 (ZRT) – 03> (Lowering Kit)
ZX-10R (ZXT 00 C) – 04> (Lowering Kit)
ZX-10R (ZX10) (Raising Kit)
ZX-12 R (ZXT 20 A) – 00-01 (Lowering & Raising Kit)
ZX-12 R (ZXT 20 AB) – 02> (Lowering Kit)


2 Responses to Hyperpro Ride Height Adjustment Kits – Kawasaki Models

  1. kevin says:

    my 95 kaw 750 too loo need to ajust up can you help

  2. paul brown says:

    Can you please give me some info i need to lower my ninja600 2000, good reading.

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