Huge Sigh of Relief In The UK

Apparently, in response to an online petition on the No. 10 website, Gordon Brown has stated that the UK Government will not be looking at reducing the power output of motorcycles to 100 hp, as happens in France.  The French Government is of the opinion that reducing the power output on any bike to 100 hp will result in fewer fatalities. 

Hmm.. A 15 hp 125cc bike will still kill someone if things go badly wrong!  

Thankfully it doesn’t look as if those in power in the UK agree with them.  In a statement, them in charge said that while it supported any measure to reduce deaths and serious injuries, "each initiative needs to be considered on its merits and the relative costs and benefits measured".

The statement went on to say "The Department for Transport is not aware of any evidence to support the introduction of a maximum engine power limit for motorcycle as an effective measure to reduce accidents, and so does not believe that limits on the maximum power of motorcycles are necessary in the UK.

What’s needed is better training, and I’m not just talking about rider training here, but car drivers as well.  How many of us have accidents which are solely the fault of a car driver?  How many of us hear the immortal words “Sorry mate, I didn’t see you”. 

We on bikes know how vulnerable we are and the vast majority of us try our damndest to make sure we don’t end up as a roadside casualty.  But car drivers are a whole other thing, cocooned in their metal boxes, they don’t really understand the vulnerability of less well protected road users. 

In recent years the motorcycle test has been overhauled in an effort to make us safer riders!  How about this for an idea, I know loads of riders think it’s a good one 🙂 How about if all new car drivers had to ride a moped for a few months to teach them road awareness before they ever sat their bums on a car seat?  Would that make them more aware of us riders..

I can pretty much guarantee it would!!

Without experiencing the things we riders face, sometimes on a daily basis, how on earth will car drivers ever understand what its like to feel vulnerable!

Will it ever happen?  Probably not :-( 

Bikers are in the minority and easier to target 😦


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