Scottoiler Mk7 Universal Kits On Offer for £49.99 At M & P

Bargain or what?

The normal cost is £69.99 but M & P (UK) have taken £20 off and are knocking them out at £49.99

I have one of these fitted to my Baby Blade, it’s a must on any bike for me now as it removes all the hassle about remembering to oil your chain away (and the mess too :-))

My O/H bought me mine on my birthday last year and it was fitted the following day and apart from filling up the reservoir every few thousand miles I don’t have to do anything to keep my chain in good nick.  My replacement chain, fitted a few months back, still looks like it was put on yesterday 🙂

He swears by them and has fitted them to every bike he has owned for the last 7 or 8 years, and now I’m a convert and recommend them to everyone as well.

Scottoiler Mk7 Universal Kit



  • Simple installation
  • Increases chain life by up to 7 times
  • Improves performance
  • Fits all bikes including fuel injected bikes
  • Reduces maintenance
  • For on and off road bikes
  • Suits all types of chain including O and X ring
    Revised design for improved summer and winter operation. The oil dispensing assembly can be bolted to the end, or glued to the underside of the swing arm and gives range of approximately 500 – 1,000 miles between refilling the RMV depending on the weather. The kit includes universal fittings and 500ml bottle of Scottoil (enough for approximately 5,000 miles). The Universal Kit over the past year or so has had over 20 technical improvements, Dynojet T100 testing and extensive retooling.
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