Italian Guzzi Rider Gets 383mph Speeding Ticket!

Turina and 383mph speeding fine

Imagine this……..

There you are, eating your breakfast in the morning when the post pops through your letter box. You pick it up and when you see a letter containing a speeding ticket your automatic reaction is “Oh Bu**er!”

You open the envelope and immediately burst into hysterical laughter!!!

Well that would have been my reaction to this speeding fine 🙂

Apparently Paolo Turina, 26, has been charged with doing 383mph, yes you did read that right 383mph on his unfaired Moto Guzzi!

As you can imagine he is appealing the charge claiming the camera must have been defective, and he is also disputing the £200 fine the police have issued.

He says

"If I could go that fast I’d enter my bike in the MotoGP world championships. Valentino Rossi would not stand a chance. What did they think they were clocking – a jet fighter?"

"If the court rules the fine will stand then I’m going to send it to the Guinness Book of Records – after all if the court says its true then I should get the credit for this remarkable feat."

The bike he was riding has a top speed of about 115mph, which is nowhere near the 383mph claimed by the police.  The Italian Police say they suspect a ‘clerical error’ is to blame for the outlandish charge and Paolo Turina is awaiting the appeal courts decision on the matter…

Now, where can I get me one of those 383mph bikes 😉


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