Disadvantage Of Just Riding A Bike!

Oh hell..

I think I’ve discovered the disadvantage of just riding a bike and not having a car licence too..

I’ve got a flippin’ great tooth abscess and as my face is so swollen (think John Merricks twin sister 😦 and you will get the picture) I cannot get my crash helmet on to be able to get to work.

The evil tooth started aching a bit Thursday evening and I thought it would stop after a day or so.. How wrong I was 😦

My first look in the mirror on Saturday morning showed me the image of the kind of monster you normally see in old horror movies 😮 and the pain level was off any kind of scale I’ve ever known, and yes that did include having my kids!!!

One emergancy dentist visit later I’m on 2 kinds of antibiotics and codeine which makes me fall asleep all the time :-S

The result?  I’m off work, after having last week as holiday (boy do I feel guilty about that!) until such times as my face shrinks enough to be able to get my crash helmet back on..

The tooth will be sorted out as soon as the antibiotics are finished.. Flippin thing!!


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