I Had An Accident Today :-(

I decided this morning that the worst sound in the world is hearing your baby grinding up the road.. 😦

I was on my way to work this morning, I pulled up at a roundabout and stopped to wait for a gap in the traffic. I inched forward a tad to bring me closer to the white lines and stopped again as there was still traffic coming round the roundabout…… and the next thing I know I’m shooting out on to the roundabout and and me and my bike are going down!

The car behind me thought I was going out on to the roundabout (inspite of the traffic coming round it!!!) and drove into my rear wheel and propelled me out into the traffic!!!! As I was going down I was thinking “Feck, I hope nothing hits me” and luckily nothing did.

A lady dived out of her car and told me not to move and called the police and the ambulance but a passing ambulance stopped too.. They checked me all over and I’m fine-ish.. I reckon my knee is gonna develop some lovely bruises and I think I’ve pulled a muscle in my back but other than that was more shaken up than anything..

Initial reaction was “IS MY BIKE OK?????????” “WHERE’S MY BIKE?????”

Damage to my baby seems to be a bent rear brake lever, and possibly the mounting for it (need to check her over properly).. The crash bung on that side looks a tad knackered but protected my fairings from everything but a few extra scrapes.. And part of the engine casing is worn away at the bottom…

Both me and my baby came away relatively unscathed thankfully.  The police are looking at charging the other driver with driving without due care and attention, and I’ll be putting in a claim for a new crash helmet for starters..


2 Responses to I Had An Accident Today :-(

  1. Rig says:

    Glad to hear that your OK(ish) I find it difficult to express my concerns when reading about incidents like this, mainly because I feel extremely angry at incompetent roads users and I have to fight the urge to want to gently tap them in the head with a big lump of wood while chanting ‘Sorry I didn’t see you mate’ over and over again!

    Phew – feel better no.

    Again, sorry to hear about your accident and hope that yourself and the bike are OK.

  2. Raven says:

    Cheers Rig..
    I felt the same way yesterday morning 😦
    I’m just thankful that nothing going round the roundabout hit me or ran me over!!

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