Tis Christmas Morning

Tis Christmas morning and it’s time to open the Christmas pressies under the tree.. woohoo!!!!

There is this rather strange shaped gift for me from my OH and when I open it it has this inside it…

Christmas Prezzie.. A Voodoo Doll!

When I turn it over it has this on the back of it..

Hmmmm... A Key?!?

And I’m sat there thinking “huh??”

My OH then tells me it’s the key to my new bike and my chin hits the floor..

My chin goes through the floor when he explains it belongs to this bike!!!!

My Christmas Prezzie.. A 1995 Fireblade!!!!

Now it takes a lot for me to be speechless (as people who know me will testify to) but this morning I was and still am!  I’m in total shock!  I never thought I would get something like this for Christmas and I can’t believe how lucky I am…


Saying “Thank you”  just doesn’t seem enough when you recieve a gift like this, does it?

Happy Christmas everyone 🙂


5 Responses to Tis Christmas Morning

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  2. Rig says:

    WOW – What a great gift!, now you just need the roads to clear up so you can take it for a test ride.

    Ride safe!

  3. davez says:

    Hey thats a nice bike.. But can you touch the floor?

  4. Raven says:

    Flippin cheek.. LOL…

    Yes I can touch the floor!! I might only be 5′ 3″ tall but I’ve a got 31-32″ inside leg measurement 😉

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