Oh Dear..

January 10, 2010

It looks like Westminster City Council has a bit of a ‘problem’ on it’s hands.

At a time when the streets of Westminster are covered in sheet ice they, in their infinate wisdom, decided to replace the ‘modified’ parking charge signs so that they could once again get the cash rolling in from their motorcycle parking charges.

This was one of the signs on Thursday

And here is the nice man replacing it on Friday..

And here is the sign on Saturday..

Oh dear, I guess you won’t have to pay the parking charge there….. again 😉

Motoring fines to rise by £15 for Victim’s Surcharge

January 10, 2010

This was reported in some of the papers last week and if it’s true could increase the cost of things like parking tickets and speeding fines by £15 a time!

I have no problems with the Victims Surcharge, the victims of crime should recieve some kind of compensation from the offender, but who the heck is the ‘victim’ if you get a parking ticket?

It looks like the government has just found another way to extract money from the UK’s already hardpressed drivers and riders!  What else is new?

Currently the ‘Victims’ Surcharge’ is only handed out with more serious fines from the courts, but it will be added to fixed penalty tickets for offences such as speeding and other parking misdemeanours, according to a Parliamentary answer.

Ministers said that they plan to extend the victim surcharge to fixed-penalty notices and ‘road traffic offences’, an idea first considered by Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary in April last year. This would mean the minimum £60 fine for speeding would rise to £75.

Other offences where motorists might be liable to pay the surcharge include having dirty windows or a tyre with insufficient tread.

In the Parliamentary reply, Claire Ward, the Justice Minister, said: “It is Government policy that, where possible, offenders should contribute to victims’ services as part of their reparation.

“Provisions were therefore included in the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004 providing for a surcharge to be payable on criminal convictions, penalty notices for disorder and on fixed penalty notices for road traffic offences where the offences are persistent and serious.

“The victim surcharge has been applied initially only to fines imposed in magistrates and Crown courts at a rate of £15. We intend to add the surcharge to other disposals as soon as it becomes feasible.

“Proceeds raised from the surcharge provide a ring-fenced source of funding for a wide variety of organisations providing non-financial support to victims and witnesses of crime.”

Matthew Elliott, of the Tax Payers’ Alliance, told The Daily Mail that the surcharge was “clearly another stealth tax designed to plug Britain’s huge debt.”

“If the Treasury wants to raise money from the courts, it should be more honest and call this surcharge a ‘justice tax’,” he said.

“By calling it a ‘victims’ surcharge’ and applying it to minor motoring offences and parking tickets where there are clearly no victims, the Government is making a mockery of the tax system.”

The Victim’s Surcharge was introduced in April 2007 and latest figures show that between April 2008 and January 2009 it raised more than £6.6million.

But that figure would be pale in comparison if it were extended to fines handed out away from the courts.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: “The MoJ spends over £360million a year supporting and compensating victims. It is right that offenders should contribute towards these services.”

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Morph Goes To Town

January 9, 2010

OMG!!!! I love this 🙂

Video courtesy of Ogri on the No To The Bike Parking Tax site 🙂


January 9, 2010


(sp) Rathboning (present tense), ‘He’s rathboning it’.  Rathboned (past tense), the sign was rathboned.


The ‘modification’ of certain roadside parking charge signs in Westminster City Councils area rendering them illegible, so that unfortunately you cannot pay the London Motorcycle Parking Tax. After all, if you can’t see the phone number or the location number how on earth are you supposed to be able to ring/text them and pay 😉


Rathboned Sign

Rathboned Sign

Rathboned Sign

Rathboned Sign


You must take photographic evidence of the ‘damaged’ sign with your bike/scooter to prove you were unable to pay.

If you get a ticket anyway, which shouldn’t be issued in the first place, appeal it and send in your photographic evidence and the fine will be cancelled.  Check out this letter 🙂

Letter From Westminster City Council cancelling a parking fine as the sign was unreadable.

Please note I don’t condone any kind of illegal behaviour 😉

My New Piston Came Today!

January 9, 2010

One (very) small step closer to getting my Z650 back on the road!

My new piston arrived in the post today, now I’m just waiting on the engine bolt kit and I can start getting stuck into my Z engine..

Although I have to dig my garage door out first, and possibly melt the ice which has frozen it shut at the moment!!

Oh for a heated garage 😉

Frozen Hands – How About Heated Gloves?

January 9, 2010

When it started getting a tad chilly outside my other half bought me some heated grips for my bike to keep my hands warmer over the winter.. I’m now officially in love with whoever invented them 😉

I totally love my heated grips 🙂

Apart from heated grips though you can also get heated gloves, as well as a full range of heated clothing.. I had a timely email from M&P Direct the other day telling me about it all 🙂

First off, heated gloves, here are a few details about them.  Just click on the photos to be taken to M&P Directs website for further information.

Gerbing Hybrid Gloves

Gerbing Hybrid Gloves

NEW! The new line of 12 V Hybrid Products utilize Gerbings Hybrid Heating System™. This system allows you the option of powering from your vehicles 12 V electrical system, or from Gerbings 12 volt lithium-ion battery pack with its built-in microprocessor temp controller.
  • Made with premium, supple, drum-dyed leather
  • Soft tricot fleece lining with 100g of Thinsulate® lining
  • Incorporates Gerbings Microwire® heating technology that uses micro-sized heating fibers to surround the hand with warmth
  • Internal Aquatex waterproof/breathable membrane
  • Includes vehicle battery harness and Y-harness
  • They retail at about the £150 mark, but when you consider you could pay that amount for a decent pair of bike gloves anyway, it’s not too bad and you get the added bonus of warm hands 🙂

    They also do these,

    Gerbing T5 Gloves

    Gerbing T5 Heated Gloves

    The T5 gloves from Gerbing’s were first introduced last year in Europe but now are available in the USA. Designed for the rider who rides out of necessity and not just for recreation. The T5 gloves were made for the type of rider who demands performance in a wide variety of riding conditions. Whether it is long distance riding where comfort and warmth are essential or intercity high traffic commuting where safety is a must, the T5 gloves from Gerbing’s deliver exceptional performance.
  • Gerbings heated gloves are made with high quality full-analine leather for an exceptionally light, strong and flexible glove
  • The glove heats the entire length of each finger including the thumb as well as the back of your hand
  • Gauntlet style glove
  • Adjustable wrist fastener
  • Hypora® waterproof, breathable membrane
  • Thinsulate® insulation for great warmth and dexterity
  • Brushed tricot liner for added warmth and durability
  • Incorporates Gerbings Microwire® heating technology that uses micro-sized heating fibers to surround the hand with warmth
  • Lifetime warranty on the Microwire™ heating elements
  • Other heated kit M&P Direct sells includes

    Heated Inner Soles for your boots – I do hate getting cold feet!!

    Heated Jacket Liners – For a toasty body

    Heated Trouser Liners – For warm legs

    What I need now is for someone to invent some kind of device which projects a bubble of warmth round me and my bike, which will also melt the ice and snow, so that I can go out and ride!!

    UK Drink-Drive Limit May Be Lowered

    January 8, 2010

    According to this article on the BBC’s website, there is support for lowering the drink-drive limit from it’s current 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood to 50mg.  Motoring organisations are backing the move.

    My personal opinion, it should be lower!

    I personally would like to see zero tolorance for anyone who even has one drink and then drives.  I’m in the unfortuante position that, after years of hardly drinking at all, one drink really knocks me for 6 (no cheap date jokes please :-)) and I’m definately in no fit state to drive at all.

    Hell, I’ll only have a drink at home in the evenings if I know I’m not going to be riding my bike the next day.

    In my opinion even having one drink can affect a persons ability to function normally, and I really don’t believe that people who have had a drink or two should be on the road in something which has the potential to kill others.