(sp) Rathboning (present tense), ‘He’s rathboning it’.  Rathboned (past tense), the sign was rathboned.


The ‘modification’ of certain roadside parking charge signs in Westminster City Councils area rendering them illegible, so that unfortunately you cannot pay the London Motorcycle Parking Tax. After all, if you can’t see the phone number or the location number how on earth are you supposed to be able to ring/text them and pay 😉


Rathboned Sign

Rathboned Sign

Rathboned Sign

Rathboned Sign


You must take photographic evidence of the ‘damaged’ sign with your bike/scooter to prove you were unable to pay.

If you get a ticket anyway, which shouldn’t be issued in the first place, appeal it and send in your photographic evidence and the fine will be cancelled.  Check out this letter 🙂

Letter From Westminster City Council cancelling a parking fine as the sign was unreadable.

Please note I don’t condone any kind of illegal behaviour 😉


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