You Know You Are A Biker When…….

You lean when watching bike racing, especially with on bike camera shots.

You do shoulder checks even when walking.

After a crash the first words are ” Hows my bike?”

Your hands and feet twitch and you look to see, when you hear a bike exhaust accelerate on a nearby road.

When good weather is more important than cheap fuel.

When you look for any excuse to ride. “I’m going to get some milk.” “I’ll go and get the bread.” “What do we need at the butcher for tea.” Anything will do and you always go the long way.

Winter repair work takes place in your living room as its too cold outside to work on your bike, so you bring the bike indoors for the winter.

When you get new gear and put it on at home (helmet,gloves,boots and all) and parade around the house asking the wife do I look good in this ? (or do I look like a space cadet?)

You’re having a conversation with someone, hear a bike, and stop in mid-sentence to watch and listen.

All you really want for christmas is a new exhaust.



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