Hacked Off Today!!!

I came out of work this afternoon to find that some #@*&%$ had tried to break into my bikes trunk today and had broken part of the fairing part the lock mechanism sits it..

It’s not like I keep anything valuable in there ( tool kit, emergency puncture repair and my visor cleaning stuff) but some sod still decided to try and have a look and managed to bust one of the tabs holding the fairing part on!! 😦

Seriously not impressed 😦


One Response to Hacked Off Today!!!

  1. Linda says:

    I hear you. About a year ago some twits relocated my bike in the parking lot at the laundromat. I got out with laundry and…no bike! I think they must’ve seen me and run because I found the bike outside the next shop over. Either a stupid prank or a serious theft attempt. I wasn’t happy.

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