Hein Gericke, Oxford – Update

December 11, 2010

As promised in this post, here is a update on the new Hein Gericke store opening near Oxford on the A40 at the Eynsham roundabout.. It’s open 😀

Here are their contact details,


Hein Gericke Oxford, Eynsham Roundabout, Eynsham, Oxford. OX29 4EN

TEL. 01865 883307

E.mail oxford@hg-shop.com


Being located where it is, it has brilliant access and apparently has excellent parking facilities.  I shall have to pop down there sometime soon and have a nose round 😀

Here’s an online copy of their latest catalogue, just in case you fancy a nose.. (well, Christmas is just round the corner!!!)

Oh and talking of Christmas, they even do a Christmas Wish List you can print off and give to those closest to you 😀

Hein Gericke To Open New Store Near Oxford :-)

November 30, 2010

I got this info in my email update today Smile

Apparently they have just signed the lease on new premises on the Eynsham roundabout on the A40 here.  The postcode for the new shop is OX29 4EN.


According to the email they are looking at opening in early December sometime and more details are to follow.

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Some Of The Funny Photos From Our Weekend

June 3, 2009

Ok.. So I got a bit camera happy at the weekend and once I got back home and was looking at the photos a few…. ermm.. comments came to mind 🙂

So here are a few more photos… ermm.. with captions!!! 🙂

I hope you enjoy 🙂

Dodgy Lookin' Bloke!

Spot The Label!

The Stig

Talking Welsh Bloke!

Yum yum

SSB's Handbag!!!!

smell of silence

Bike Photos From Our Get Together!

June 2, 2009

Following on from yesterdays post about my weekend get together, I thought I’d show you some of the bike photos I took 🙂

Bucko's Blade

Bucko’s 2003 954 Fireblade

h2olo's Blade

H2olo’s 2008 Fireblade

Kiwiboys Blade

Kiwiboys 2009 CBR1000RR

Loopy's BabyBlade, Kiwiboys Blade and SSB's Duke

My CBR400RR And Kiwiboys 2009 CBR1000RR And The Duke

In The Background

Bucko's, SunRider's and Vex's Blades

The Bikes Chained Up In the Car Park!

Vex's Trusty Steed

Vex’s 1999 Fireblade

SunRider's Repsol

SunRiders 2009 Repsol

Chipping Norton

A Quick Smoke Break At Chipping Norton

Stratford Bike Park 3

In The Bike Park At Stratford-Upon Avon

An Excellent Weekend Was Had By All!

June 1, 2009

I’ve been a member of Fireblades.Org, a motorcycle forum which covers not just Fireblades but pretty much everything on two wheels, for over a year now and this weekend just gone we held the first meet up for some of the UK members!

Here are a few piccys of my weekend.. We all had a wonderful time!

SSB and Jazzy

Sideshow Bob And Jazzy

Kiwiboy and h2olo

Kiwiboy and h2olo

Left to Right - SSB, SunRider, StrumminRonin, Vex, Bucko 2

Left to right

Sideshow Bob, SunRider, StrumminRonin, Vex and Bucko

Mr Works a nightshift, grabs 2 hours sleep and then rides down from Scotland!


Left to Right - SSB, SunRider, h2olo, Vex, Kiwiboy, StrumminRonin, Bucko

Left to right

Sideshow Bob, SunRider, h2olo, Vex, Kiwiboy, StrumminRonin, Bucko

The next gathering is planned for Stormin’ The Castle in September!  I can’t wait!

Bulldog Bash – Council Rejects Police Request For Licence Review

May 26, 2009


🙂 The request by Warwickshire Police for a review of the 10 year licence granted last year has been rejected by Stratford Council 🙂

Police were attempting, again, to get this years event cancelled in the interests of ‘public safety’ for the people of Warwickshire.

Stratford council rejected the application as they felt there were insufficient grounds for justifying a review, and overturning last years decision to grant a ten year licence for the event.

I’m pretty damn sure the organisers are well happy with this result 🙂

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Ride To Work Day – 15/07/09

May 20, 2009

Ride To Work Day Image

As a part of National Motorcycle Week, July 15th is this years Ride To Work Day.

Every year the motorcycle industry celebrates and promotes the benefits of riding a motorcycle with the National Motorcycle Week, and the Ride To Work Day is one way of trying to get the message across that motorcycles are the best way to get to work on your daily commute.

The week is traditionally an occasion when those who are passionate about motorcycling try to spread the word by holding local events, converting friends, speaking to the press or just getting out and about on their bikes.  The aims of National Motorcycle week are as follows.

  • To demonstrate to a wide audience the number of motorcyclists in the UK
  • Emphasise that riders are from all walks of life and are all ages
  • That riding has social, environmental and economic benefits.
  • So on Ride To Work Day, get your bike out of the garage, or from under it’s cover and get out there and ride, instead of taking your car.  You are bound to enjoy your commute more if you do!

    Image coutesy of The Motor Cycle Industry Association