And this is the other local idiot

October 22, 2008

Riding at up to 130 mph, performing wheelies, skids and racing round Banbury on the A422 Banbury to Brackley road in Oxfordshire. A witness got the registration number of his Yamaha R6 during the incident and reported it to the police. When they arrived at his house to question him about the incident he asked “Is it about the YouTube video”. Until he opened his mouth they had no idea he had posted a video of his adventures on the Internet.

28-year-old Sandor Ferenci from Oxford is dumb on two counts, firstly for riding like this in the first place, and secondly for posting the ‘evidence’ on You Tube. If you are dumb enough to try a stunt like this on your bike, don’t advertise the fact!!

The result of that days riding.. Pleading guilty to two counts of dangerous driving, 12 weeks in jail, disqualification from driving for two years and having to take the extended test before he is allowed back out on the road.

He deserves all he got!!

Other riders don’t deserve what they are going to get though, a bad name.. This is just another example of yet another idiotic rider giving us a bad image.. AGAIN!!

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Thank you Mr Combe.. NOT!!

October 22, 2008

Once again motorcycle riders in Oxfordshire are getting a bad press, this time thanks to an idiot called Mr Florian Combe.

A quarter mile wheelie and speeds of up to 100mph on a dual carriageway with a speed limit of 50mph. What the heck was he thinking? Actually I dont think he was using his brain, but there you go.

Public roads are not the place for this kind of riding, if you want to do it then take it to a race track. Its no wonder that riders, and especially sportsbike riders, get targeted by the police, abuse from other road users, and negative press.

The story can be found HERE

He has been convicted of careless driving and the case has been adjourned until 13th November 2008, I wait with interest to see what will happen..

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