GirlsBike2 Trackday At Rockingham – 2nd August 2009

June 4, 2009

GirlsBike2, in conjunction with No Limits Trackdays,  have organised a charity trackday on the 2nd August 2009 at Rockingham.  All proceeds will go to Breast Cancer research.  It is open to girls and their partners and will have a Novice, Intermediate & Fast groups.

Priced at £129 the day includes free instruction, which is especialy good if it is your first time at a track 🙂

So if you fancy a trackday which won’t break the bank why not give them a ring..

Some Of The Funny Photos From Our Weekend

June 3, 2009

Ok.. So I got a bit camera happy at the weekend and once I got back home and was looking at the photos a few…. ermm.. comments came to mind 🙂

So here are a few more photos… ermm.. with captions!!! 🙂

I hope you enjoy 🙂

Dodgy Lookin' Bloke!

Spot The Label!

The Stig

Talking Welsh Bloke!

Yum yum

SSB's Handbag!!!!

smell of silence

New Motorcycle Test Under Fire After Series Of Accidents

May 27, 2009

Motorcycle L-Plate The government and the DSA is under increasing pressure to rethink the new motorcycle test after a series of accidents in it’s first few weeks.

On the very first day one young man, in South Yorkshire, suffered a broken arm after crashing while trying to slow in the wet immediately following the new ‘swerve’ manoeuvre, and since then 14 more accidents have been reported.  There was one additional, as yet unreported, accident yesterday when a young lady training at my old bike school also fell off doing the same manoeuvre.  Luckily she was not hurt but was shaken up and bruised.

Instructors, and bikers who have emailed the BBC, have said that trying to perform such a manoeuvre at 31.2 mph (50 kph), while possibly suffering from test nerves, is dangerous, especially when performed on a wet surface.

While the test would probably be fine when done in the dry, new riders who may be tempted to brake and swerve at the same time are likely to come a cropper when trying to do this in the wet.  Bikers are taught very early on in their training that braking when not going in a straight line is a BAD thing to do, and even though the trainees taking their tests are undoubtedly taught the same thing, test nerves may be getting the better of them.

Dexterity Motorcycle Training in Kent tried the test out two years before it was implemented and had this to say about the swerve manoeuvre

The swerve/avoidance test – just simply getting up to the required speed (as on my first run) will catch some out, others will swerve and brake too soon and too hard simultaneously with the front brake and bin it.

Somewhat prophetic words I think, considering what is happening on the tests now.

Jeff Stone of the British Motorcycle Federation had this to say

“There is no real argument with the actual test, but the DSA really do have to take note of ‘real world’ conditions.

“A brake and swerve manoeuvre on a wet road is fraught with danger for even an experienced motorcyclist, so there needs to be a safer option for inclement weather conditions.”

and Paul Turner of the Motorcycle Action Group added

“We don’t mind improvements in the test which will make for better riders, but putting people at risk during the test is ludicrous.”

Expecting novice riders to perform the manoeuvre at the same speed whether it is sunny or chucking it down is going against the instruction we are given as learner riders.  All riders are taught to ride according to the prevailing conditions, something which helps us to stay as safe as we can out on the roads.  We are taught to slow down in the wet, and increase stopping distances, but the DSA is overturning the training and asking new riders to hammer it coming out of a bend towards the swerve part of the test!

Phil Woolley, 28, of Liverpool, tells how he failed the test after completing the swerve slightly below the required speed.  He reckons the size of the test centre makes it difficult to get up to 50 kph without accelerating unsafely.  He says

“Do it at a controlled speed and you will almost certainly fail,” he said. “Or you just floor it as hard as you can and there is a good chance you will pass, but also a risk you will come off.”

Boy, am I glad I passed my test in February 2008, before the new test came into force.  I wouldn’t want to be tackling the new test.

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Bulldog Bash – Council Rejects Police Request For Licence Review

May 26, 2009


🙂 The request by Warwickshire Police for a review of the 10 year licence granted last year has been rejected by Stratford Council 🙂

Police were attempting, again, to get this years event cancelled in the interests of ‘public safety’ for the people of Warwickshire.

Stratford council rejected the application as they felt there were insufficient grounds for justifying a review, and overturning last years decision to grant a ten year licence for the event.

I’m pretty damn sure the organisers are well happy with this result 🙂

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2009 Bulldog Bash In The News Again This Morning

Ride To Work Day – 15/07/09

May 20, 2009

Ride To Work Day Image

As a part of National Motorcycle Week, July 15th is this years Ride To Work Day.

Every year the motorcycle industry celebrates and promotes the benefits of riding a motorcycle with the National Motorcycle Week, and the Ride To Work Day is one way of trying to get the message across that motorcycles are the best way to get to work on your daily commute.

The week is traditionally an occasion when those who are passionate about motorcycling try to spread the word by holding local events, converting friends, speaking to the press or just getting out and about on their bikes.  The aims of National Motorcycle week are as follows.

  • To demonstrate to a wide audience the number of motorcyclists in the UK
  • Emphasise that riders are from all walks of life and are all ages
  • That riding has social, environmental and economic benefits.
  • So on Ride To Work Day, get your bike out of the garage, or from under it’s cover and get out there and ride, instead of taking your car.  You are bound to enjoy your commute more if you do!

    Image coutesy of The Motor Cycle Industry Association

    2009 Bulldog Bash In The News Again This Morning

    May 19, 2009


    The 2009 Bulldog Bash, taking place this year between 6th – 10th August, made the TV news again this morning.  Apparently the police are asking for a review of the 10 year licence granted by Stratford Council last year, despite police objections.

    They are citing “rising levels of violence between criminal members of motorcycle gangs” as their reason for the review.  This first made the news back in February when Police Chiefs announced on their website they want it scrapped, after apparently recieving intellegence that gangs were planning a reprisal attack after the unfortunate death of Gerry Tobin, miles away from the Bulldog Bash site in 2007.

    Last year the local force spent £1.4 MILLION, yep, you did read that right, £1.4 million patrolling the outside of the gathering.  The police used number plate recognition technology and stop and search on people attending and all this resulted in 26, out of about 20,000, people being arrested.  A vast number of people and vehicles were searched and some were found to be taking camping knives, ermm, to a camping event!!!

    If you work it out, 24 ‘offensive’ weapons were siezed, £1.4 milion was spent by the police, so it works out at £58,333 per ‘offensive’ weapon taken from law abiding campers!!! A tad excessive, don’t you think?  It looks like the only really dangerous weapons anywhere near the site were the guns carried by some of the police themselves at the gates to the ground!!!

    Both the locals and organisers of last years event condemned police for their excessive and unnecessary security checks, which included blocking off some local roads in the area, which no doubt caused inconvenience to local residents.  This, as well as the stop and search tatics used by police, also resulted in fewer people leaving the site over the weekend to visit the local community, which meant local shop owners suffered a loss in revenue, based on previous years takings.

    Here is the information from the BBC’s website for the local area.

    Biker Event Licence Review Sought

    Warwickshire Police has applied for a review of a licence for a biker festival which was attended by a man who was murdered on his way home.  Hells Angel Gerry Tobin, 35, of Mottingham, south-east London, was returning from the Bulldog Bash in 2007 when he was shot on the M40.  Seven members of The Outlaws biker gang were jailed for life for his murder.
    The force said it has serious concerns about rising levels of violence between “criminal members of motorcycle gangs”.

    The Bulldog Bash is due to be held at Long Marston airfield near Stratford-upon-Avon from 6 to 10 August.

    ‘Many locations’

    A 10-year licence was granted by Stratford District Council a year ago despite Warwickshire Police’s objections, the force said.  Warwickshire Police said it has made it clear it would prefer the event does not take place following the shooting of Mr Tobin and “violence which has occurred since, both in the UK and abroad”.

    Assistant Chief Constable Bill Holland said: “The decision to seek a review of the licence is in no way connected with the law abiding majority of motorcyclists who attend the event.  “Law abiding motorcyclists are welcome in Warwickshire and there are many locations in the county where bike enthusiasts meet on a regular basis.”

    Police said its objection to the Bulldog Bash was about criminality and “the need to protect the public from harm here in Warwickshire, across the UK and abroad”.  Mr Holland added: “We consider that the actions of a minority could jeopardise the safety of the public and this is why we are seeking a review.”

    Warwickshire Police said it had been working closely with local people and businesses “to try to minimise the impact of the significant policing operation we anticipate will be required” if the event goes ahead.

    Given the state of the current economic climate no doubt the local community will have absolutely no objections to losing the potential income from the sudden influx of bikes to the area, which in all honesty must run to quite a few quid extra in the coffers.

    Plus, I’m pretty sure the hard working, tax paying people of Warwickshire can sleep well in their beds at night, knowing their money will once again be wisely spent when policing this years event!!!

    By the way, I’ve seen the figure of £1.9 million being used as the estimate for the costs of policing this years event!

    Please feel free to comment on this..


    Coventry News – 02/03/09

    BBC News – 18/05/09

    Bulldog Bash Website

    Alpinestars Stella Breeze Air-Flow Jacket

    May 15, 2009

    If you are looking for a new textile jacket in time for the hopefully good summer weather then you can’t go far wrong with the Alpinestats Stella Breeze Air-Flo jacket for women.  With it’s retro look, clean lines and appealing design it is sure to attract plenty of buyers.

    Stella Breeze Airflow Blue

    The jacket is designed to keep you cool on those long hot days of summer, if we actually have some of course, and is made of non-water absorbing fabric which means you won’t get wet if caught out in the rain.

    Stella Breeze Airflow Silver

    The jacket’s features include the following –

    • Hard wearing nylon fabric for abrasion resistance
    • Non-water absorbing mesh construction
    • Multiple stitched seam construction for maximum tear resistance
    • Highly ventilated for maximum airflow

    Stella Breeze Airflow Red

    • Shaped sport fit specifically designed with a womans curves in mind
    • Pre-curved sleeves for maximum rider comfort
    • Removble CE protectors in the shoulders and elbows
    • Additional compartments for armour on the chest and back areas (not supplied)
    • Adjustable tabs on the sleeves and waist to help ensure a perfect fit
    • Removable water and wind resistant full-sleeve thermal liner
    • Waist zip so you can attach it to leather and textile trousers

    Stella Breeze Airflow Black

    It is available in  Black, Blue, Red and Silver and the sizes start at XS and go through to XXL

    I’ve just had a quick search online for prices and I’ve seen it priced at £139.95 on the Girlsbike2 website