More Bikes From Motorcycle Live 2010

December 8, 2010

As ya know one of the GREAT things about Motorcycle Live is being able to sit on bikes and try them out for size so I did!!!!!!

Here I am on the Ninja 😀

As you can see I was able to totally flat foot on both sides when sitting on it.  I found it felt quite slim as well!  All well and good when you’re only 5′ 3″ tall!!!

Next up is me on the CBR600.  Sat on this one I was only able to get the balls of both feet on the floor which quite surprised me considering how I felt on the Fireblade!

Here I am on the Fireblade 😀  I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I could get both feet flat on the floor on the Blade.  I wasn’t expecting it to be as small as it is, gawd knows how big blokes manage to ride it comfortable. I felt like it fitted me like a glove!

After the Urban Tiger colour scheme I personally think the HRC colours are the next best.  I just loved that bike and after riding my ’95 Fireblade it felt so tiny.  I may just have to look out for one ina  few years time 😀

The photo which makes me giggle the most is the next one!  I’m only little ( 5′ 3″!!!) and have said for almost 2 years that I’d love a crosser of some sort but being as little as I am I reckon I’ll have a few issues!  Yer I know that riding crossers off road is different than riding on the street but you still have to stop sometime without falling over, and therein lies my problem.  The crossers I saw at the show seemed to have seat heights that were mostly about the level of my waist 😦

Until we found this one 😀

Finally one I can fit on!!! 😀

Custom Bikes At Motorcycle Live 2010

December 6, 2010

Here are a few rather nice custom bikes from the Custom Xtreme stand and the rest of the show 😀

While quite  afew of them aren’t quite ‘my cup of tea’, you can’t fail to appreciate the workmanship which has gone into them!  They are beautiful.

2009 Motorcycle Road Tax Increases

January 28, 2009

Ok.. there I was, full of righteous indignation at the proposed injustice about to be launched on motorcyclists here in the UK in 2009..

You must know what I mean, the proposed increases in Road Tax!

It was apparently announced in 2008, by Mr Darling, that motorcycle Road Tax was to be doubled in 2009, so the tax on a 125cc machine would go from £15 up to £33.  The blood pressure of motorcyclists all over the country took a huge leap upwards at the news!

I had come across a reminder about a  petition organised against the proposed increase on one of the motorbike forums I frequent. After reading it I decided, ‘Right, time for a blog entry about it’ and off I go, surfing the interweb trying to find out more information, and seeing if I could find the exact rates. 

There are plenty of sites showing the new rates for cars but I couldn’t find anything about the cost hikes for motorcycles. 


Then I came across this..

The 2008 Pre-Budget Report

In this document are the Income Tax, National Insurance, VAT plus other changes for the year 2009-2010.  As well as having this information it also contains the details of the VED (Road Tax) Fees for the year 2009-2010.

And in it, and I quote, are the figures for the Road Tax Fees for 2009-10 for motorcycles.

Vehicle Excise Duty for Motorcycles: 2009-10 rates VED band


2009-10 rate

Up to 150cc







Over 600cc


 And towards the end it also says

“VED rates for motorbikes, Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), Special Types Vehicles, Combined Transport vehicles and all related vehicles will be frozen in 2009.”

So, it doesn’t look like they are going up after all!!!

Panic over!!