Carole Nash Motorcycle Live – Day 7

December 4, 2010

Want to see more of the world on your bike?  Adventure holidays may be just what you’re looking for 🙂

Hyperpro Ride Height Adjustment Kits – BMW

August 9, 2009

Hyperpro do a range of ride height adjustment kits for BMW motorcycles so you can lower or raise your motorbike to make it a better fit for yourself.

Made from high grade aluminium, the HyperPro Ride Height Adjuster Kits, safely adjust your bikes height and come with full fitting instructions.  As always with working on your bike, if you are not sure you will be able to fit the kit yourself take your bike along to your local bike shop and have them do it for you.

If you are a female rider looking at buying a motorcycle and you are unsure of which model to go for, then these entries may help you, or at least give you an idea of what sorts of bikes other girls are riding.

Girls and Modern Sports Bikes

Bikes Girls Can Ride

Choosing Your First ‘Big’ Bike

I have also produced entries on the following motorcycle manufacturers so you can see what other kits are supplied by HyperPro.





Here is a link to the HyperPro website where you can find PDF files which show you by how much you can raise and lower each model of motorcycle by.  This link is for the Lowering Kits they supply, and this is for the PDF list of Height Raising Kits.

Hyperpro Ride Height Adjustment Kits are available for the following models of BMW motorcycles

Please note, I do not sell these kits.  You will need to contact your local bike shop/dealer/garage to purchase one.

BMW F 650 GS ’00> (Lowering Kit)

BMW F 800 GS ’08> (Lowering Kit)

BMW F 800 S `06> (Lowering Kit)

BMW K 1100 LT (Lowering Kit)

BMW R 1100 GS ’94-’98 (Lowering Kit)

BMW R 1150 GS ’99-’03 (Lowering Kit)

BMW R 1150 GS ’94-’98 (Lowering Kit)

BMW R 1150 GS Adventure (Lowering Kit)

BMW R 1200 GS `04-`05 (Lowering Kit)

BMW R 1200 GS `06> (Lowering Kit)

BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE `06> (Lowering Kit)