Carole Nash Motorcycle Live – Day 7

December 4, 2010

Want to see more of the world on your bike?  Adventure holidays may be just what you’re looking for 🙂

Carole Nash Motorcycle Live 2010 – Day 6

December 3, 2010

Here we go with the video of day 6, courtesy of MCN.

We’re going back up for another look around tomorrow, and we’re hoping to meet up with some of the UK members from Custom Fighters for a bit of a chin wag and a coffee 🙂


Hyperpro Ride Height Adjustment Kits – BMW

August 9, 2009

Hyperpro do a range of ride height adjustment kits for BMW motorcycles so you can lower or raise your motorbike to make it a better fit for yourself.

Made from high grade aluminium, the HyperPro Ride Height Adjuster Kits, safely adjust your bikes height and come with full fitting instructions.  As always with working on your bike, if you are not sure you will be able to fit the kit yourself take your bike along to your local bike shop and have them do it for you.

If you are a female rider looking at buying a motorcycle and you are unsure of which model to go for, then these entries may help you, or at least give you an idea of what sorts of bikes other girls are riding.

Girls and Modern Sports Bikes

Bikes Girls Can Ride

Choosing Your First ‘Big’ Bike

I have also produced entries on the following motorcycle manufacturers so you can see what other kits are supplied by HyperPro.





Here is a link to the HyperPro website where you can find PDF files which show you by how much you can raise and lower each model of motorcycle by.  This link is for the Lowering Kits they supply, and this is for the PDF list of Height Raising Kits.

Hyperpro Ride Height Adjustment Kits are available for the following models of BMW motorcycles

Please note, I do not sell these kits.  You will need to contact your local bike shop/dealer/garage to purchase one.

BMW F 650 GS ’00> (Lowering Kit)

BMW F 800 GS ’08> (Lowering Kit)

BMW F 800 S `06> (Lowering Kit)

BMW K 1100 LT (Lowering Kit)

BMW R 1100 GS ’94-’98 (Lowering Kit)

BMW R 1150 GS ’99-’03 (Lowering Kit)

BMW R 1150 GS ’94-’98 (Lowering Kit)

BMW R 1150 GS Adventure (Lowering Kit)

BMW R 1200 GS `04-`05 (Lowering Kit)

BMW R 1200 GS `06> (Lowering Kit)

BMW R 1200 GS ADVENTURE `06> (Lowering Kit)

Sharp Motorbike Helmet Safety Ratings

April 9, 2009

Introduced in November 2007, the SHARP Motorcycle Helmet Safety Rating Scheme aims to save lives of riders involved in motorbike accidents.  The first scheme of it’s kind worldwide, the SHARP (Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme) aims to give a totally independent rating on the levels of protection crash helmets will provide in the event of an impact.

The helmets are rated on a scale of 1-5 depending on their performance in a series of laboratory tests.  While all crash helmets on sale in the UK must offer a minimum standard of protection, it has been found that there are real differences in how well the various helmets perform in the tests.  The rating shows how much over the minimum required standard the helmets perform.

The scheme is designed to give riders an easy to understand guide to which helmets will offer them the best protection.

One thing which has become apparent, looking at the tables below, is that the more expensive helmets are not necessarily the best performing ones.  There are quite a few helmets costing under £100 which score either a 4 or a 5 in the tests.

These are the Sharp safety ratings released to date.  As and when new ratings are released, I will update this information so it is kept up to date.

9th April 2009

Following an update email this morning I have amended the following list to include the ratings published on an additional 28 helmets.

Make Model Style Sizes Cost (£) Rating
out of 5
AGV Airtech Full Face XS-XXL 150 ****
K Series Full Face S-XL 100 ***
S-4 Full Face XXS-XXL 180 *****
K3 Full Face XS-XXL 149 ****
Ti-Tech Full Face XXS-XXL 250 ****
S-4 Stealth Full Face XXS-XXL 180 *****
Longway System XS-XL 150 ****
Airoh Leox Full Face XS-XL 99 ***
Speed Fire Full Face XS-XL 50 ****
Mathisse RS System XS-XXL 120 **
Arai RX-7 Full Face XXS-XXL 450 ***
Condor Full Face XS-XXL 200 **
GP5x Full Face XS-XXL 300 *****
Viper GT Full Face XS-XXL 330 ***
Astro Full Face XS-XL 330 ***
Arashi Viper Full Face S-XL 65 ****
Galaxy Full Face XS-XL 49 ***
Sonic Full Face XS-XL 49 ***
Turbo Full Face XS-XL 49 ***
Bell M1 Full Face XS-XXL 130 *****
M4R Full Face XXS-XXL 220 *****
M5X Full Face XS-XXL 299 *****
BMW System 5 System XXS-XXL 280 *****
Box BX4 Full Face XS-XXL 80 **
BX2 Full Face S-XL 60 ****
BX3 Dagger Full Face XS-XL 54 **
BX5 Hurricane Full Face XS-XL 49 ****
Buell Turbulent Full Face XXS-XXL 180 *****
Caberg V2R Full Face XXS-XXL 100 *****
Trip System XS-XL 100 *****
Justissimo GT System XS-XXL 150 ****
Duchinni D801 Full Face XXS-XXL 80 ****
D601 System XS-XXL 90 *
D701 Full Face XS-XXL 50 ****
G-Mac Concept System XS-XXL 80 ***
Givi HPS40.1 Full Face XS-XL 199 ***
Grex RF2 Full Face XS-XXL 120 ****
R1 Full Face XS-XL 100 ****
HJC HQ-1 Full Face XS-XL 249 *****
CS-12 Full Face XS-XXL 69 **
FG-14 Full Face XS-XXL 150 ***
CL-ST Full Face XS-XL 109 ***
FS-10 Full Face XS-XXL 169 ***
CS-12N Full Face XS-XXL 120 ***
CS-R1 Full Face XS-XL 99 *
FG-15 Full Face XS-XL 139 ****
IS-16 Full Face XS-XXL 119 **
FS10 Carbon Full Face XS-XXL 249 ***
KBC Force RR Full Face XXS-XXL 90 *
VR2R Full Face XXS-XXL 180 **
FFR System XXS-XXL 140 *
Magnum Full Face XXS-XXL 139 *
TK8 Full Face XXS-XXL 59 *
XP3 Full Face XXS-XXL 129 ***
Lazer Fibre Pro Full Face XS-XXL 140 ****
LZ6 Full Face XS-XL 60 *****
Tornado Full Face XS-XL 90 **
Vertigo Full Face XS-XXL 70 ****
Fibre D1 Full Face XS-XL 200 ****
Granville System XS-XL 100 ****
Revolution System XXS-XXL 140 ****
Marushin Tiger Full Face XXS-XXL 100 *****
RS1 Carbon Full Face XXS-XXL 200 *****
Ikusa Full Face XS-XXL 119 ****
Samura Full Face XS-XXL 99 *****
Shivan Full Face XS-XXL 119 ****
M401 Full Face XS-XXL TBA **
Nitro N810VX Full Face S-XL 100 ****
N820VX Full Face S-XL 120 ****
N330VX Full Face S-XL 50 **
N755VX Full Face S-XL 80 ****
N1430VX Full Face S-XL 100 ****
N1600VN Full Face S-XL 80 ****
N1700 VF Full Face XS-XXL 119 *****
F347VN System XS-XXL 99 ***
Nolan N62 Full Face XS-XXL 130 ****
N84 Full Face XS-XXL 150 ****
N103 System XXS-XXL 250 ****
N102 System XS-XXL 200 ****
Nuvo SP2 Full Face XS-XL 119 ****
Premier Monza Full Face XS-XXL 170 ****
Roof RO10 Diversion Full Face XS-XXL 245 ****
RO10 Daytona Full Face XS-XXL 245 ***
Boxer System XS-XL 215 ****
RST Racevent Full Face XS-XXL 125 ***
Cobra Vent Full Face S-XL 79 ****
PC1S Full Face XS-XL 60 *
Schuberth S1 Pro Full Face XS-XXXL 400 **
R1 Full Face XS-XXL 320 **
C2 System XS-XXL 350 ****
Scorpion EXO-700 Full Face S-XL 100 ****
Shark RSR2 Full Face XS-XL 319 *****
S500 Air Full Face XS-XXL 114 ****
RSF 2i Full Face XS-XL 159 ****
RSI Full Face XS-XL 199 ****
S800 Full Face XS-XL 149 ****
Openline System XS-XL 190 ***
Evoline System XS-XL 250 ****
S650 Full Face XS-XL 125 ****
RSX Full Face XS-XL 169 *****
Shoei Raid II Full Face XS-XL 250 ****
XR-1000 Full Face XS-XL 330 ***
X-Spirit Full Face XS-XL 480 ****
Multitech System XS-XXL 300 ***
Suomy Extreme Full Face S-XL 400 ***
Gunwind Full Face S-XL 220 ***
Spec 1R Full Face S-XL 300 ***
Takachi TK-30 Full Face S-XL 60 **
Urban N20 Full Face XS-XXL 100 ***
Vemar VSREV Full Face S-XL 190 **
TA12K Full Face S-XL 70 ***
VSSEV Full Face XS-XL 119 *
VTXE Full Face XXS-XXXL 149 **
VXP Full Face XXS-XXXL 79 ***
Viper RS 40 Full Face XXS-XXL 50 ***
RS 66 Full Face XXS-XXL 70 ***
RS V121 System XS-XL 150 ***
RS101 System XS-XL 60 ****
X-Lite X601 Full Face XS-XXL 120 ****
X602 Full Face S-XL 200 ****
X701 Full Face S-XL 260 ****
X801 Full Face S-XL 320 ****
X1002 System XS-XXL 249 ****

Also take a look at the following entry

Choosing The Correct Size Motorcycle Helmet

20% Off Advance Tickets For The London Motorcycle Show

January 17, 2009


If you intend on going to the London Motorcycle Show and can book your tickets before the 26th January 2009, you will receive 20% off the gate ticket prices!

Yep.. 20% off.. How cool is that?

This years London Motorcycle Show will take place from 29th January – 1st February 2009 and  the top motorcycle manufacturers such as Honda, Ducati, BMW, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Triumph, Harley-Davidson and Buell will be appearing.  Bimota will be putting in their first appearance at the show this year. 

As well as the manufacturer and trade stands there will be live action in the Carol Nash Live Action Arena with professional stunt riders performing for the crowds.

To get 20% off the ticket price all you have to do is ring 0844 581 0752 and quote the reference LMS07 or visit the London Motorcycle Show website at

Motorbikes Girls CAN Ride

November 21, 2008

Now I know this entry is in twice but this one is off the old blogger blog and I didnt want to lose the comments on it, so please excuse the duplication of the entry..

One of the common questions asked by girls who are new to motorcycling is “What bikes can I ride?”

As we girls are generally smaller than guys, finding a bike we can physically fit on can be difficult at times and some girls believe they will be limited in their choice if they are of small stature.

In a bid to try and answer this question I have posted the question on a few female motorcycle forums and compiled a list of motorbikes that girls are riding now. As you can see from my list, some of the girls have kindly supplied information about how the bike was adjusted, eg lowered, suspension adjusted, seats carved out, etc, to make it a bit smaller for them so they could ride it.

You may want to check out these posts in which I am listing the different models of motorcycles you can buy Hyperpro Ride Height Adjustment Kits for. 





Please note the list is NOT recommendations on which bike you should buy, its a list showing the different bikes the girls who responded to my question are riding.

For the most part female bikers arn’t bothered if they can’t get both feet flat on the floor, as long as they can ride the motorbike of their choice. I know there are other considerations such as inside leg measurement, weight of bike, etc., to be taken into account when choosing a motorbike and I will cover those in other posts to the blog.

As and when I get any further information I will add it to the entry so that it is kept up to date. If you are a female rider and you are riding a bike which isn’t shown in the list, please feel free to add a comment telling me and I will quite happily add it to the list. 

Also take a look at these posts which contain more information about how you can ride the bike you really want 🙂

Choosing Your First ‘Big’ Bike

Daytona Ladystar (M-Star) Boots – Help For The Vertically Challenged Motorcyclist

Girls and Modern Sports Bikes

If you are new to riding take a look at these products which will help you pass your theory, hazard perception tests and motorcycle tests.

For those who have already passed it here are a few recommendations to help you improve your riding.

Under 5’ Tall
Suzuki GSF400 Bandit
Honda CBR400RR
Yamaha R6 2004
Honda CB400T

5’ Tall
Yamaha R6 (2002) – No adjustment but couldn’t flat foot
Suzuki GSX 600F – No adjustment but couldn’t flat foot
Kawasaki GPZ500
Suzuki GSXR1000 K6 – Suspension lowered, forks dropped slightly
Ducati Hypermotard – Suspension lowered, ride height adjuster on lowest setting
Honda CBR600RR
Suzuki GSX-R600 K8 – lowered
Suzuki GSX-R600 K6 – – no adjusment but on balls of feet/tiptoes
Honda CBR600F
Suzuki SV650S

5’1” Tall
Kawasaki Ninja – Suspension lowered and on tip toes

5’2 Tall
Honda CBR 600 F – Hyperpro lowering kit, front forks dropped.
Honda CBR400RRN – No adjustment
Kawasaki ZZR600
Honda Shadow 750
Suzuki GSX-R600 K6
Honda CBR600F
Suzuki SV650S
Suzuki 400 Bandit
Kawasaki 750 Zephyr

Suzuki SV650 – Lowered but feet still not flat on the floor
Kawasaki ZXR400 – No adjustment
Yamaha Virago 535 – No adjustment and both feet flat on floor
BMW F650GS – No adjustment but on balls of the feet

5’3” Tall
Honda CBR 929 RRY Fireblade – No adjustment, but only one flat foot
Honda CBR400RR – No adjustment
Honda CBR400 – No adjustment
Suzuki GS500F
Yamaha YZF600R Thundercat – lowered
Yamaha R6 – Lowered
Suzuki SV650S – Suspension and forks lowered, but still on balls of feet
Ducati Monster 695 – No adjustment and on balls of feet
Kawasaki ER5 – Lowered suspension, carved out seat
Ducati 749s – No adjustment
Yamaha FZS600
Suzuki SV650 – No adjustment but on balls of feet
BMW R1200 ST

5’4” Tall
Honda CBR600fx – Bike lowered, can almost flat foot.
Suzuki GSR600 – No adjustment but on tip toes
Suzuki Bandit – No adjustment
Kawasaki ER6f – No adjustment, almost flat foot
Honda RVF 400 – No adjustment
Yamaha Diversion 600
Honda Transalp – Seat lowered
Suzuki VZ800 Marauder – No adjustment
Honda CBR600fx – No adjustment but on balls of feet
Suzuki GSR600 – No Adjustment
Suzuki Bandit 400 – No adjustment
Kawasaki ER6f – No adjustment
Honda CBR 600 – No adjustment
Suzuki XF650 Freewind – Bike lowered
Suzuki Bandit 600 – Suspension lowered
Triumph Street Triple – No adjustment but on balls of the feet

5’5” Tall
Suzuki GS500
– No adjustment
Yamaha Fazer 600 – No Adjustment
Honda VFR400 NC30 – No adjustment
Triumph Street Triple
Cagiva 1000
Suzuki SV650 – No adjustment
Kawasaki Z1000 – No adjustment, but on balls of both feet
Kawasaki GPZ500s – No adjustment and feet flat on floor
Ducati Monster 620sie – No adjustment and both feet flat on floor
Suzuki Bandit 400V – No adjustment
Honda VFR400 – No adjustment
Kawasaki ZX6R (G1) – Seat lowered
Moto Guzzi Breva 750
Honda CBR1000 (2008) – no adjustment, one flat foot or both toes on floor

5’6” Tall
Honda VFR700, 07
Honda CB600F Hornet

Honda CB1000R – No adjustment
Yamaha Fazer 600 – No adjustment but cant flat foot
Suzuki SV650 – No adjustment and both feet flat on floor
Kawasaki ER6 – No adjustment
Kawasaki ZX6R – No adjustment and both feet flat on floor
Suzuki GS500F – No adjustment and feet flat on floor
Honda Hornet 900 – No adjustment and both feet flat on floor

5’7″ Tall
Honda VFR400 – had space between self and bike!
Honda VFR800 – balls of both feet, or one foot flat the other ‘balancing’
CCMR30 – bought already lowered, same as VFR400
Honda Hornet 900 – balls of both feet, or one foot flat the other ‘balancing’
Yamaha FZ1 – one foot flat, the other almost flat
KTM Duke – balls of both feet, or one foot flat the other ‘balancing’
Triumph Sprint ST – balls of both feet, or one foot flat the other ‘balancing’
Triumph Tiger – tip toes or one foot flat the other flailing!
Suzuki Bandit 1250GT – one foot flat, the other almost flat

5’8 and over
Triumph Street Triple
Honda CBR 600F
Ducati 916 Monster
GSXR750 Special
Honda CBR954 Streetfighter
Ducati Monster 620

Honda XRV750 Africa Twin
Ducati Monster 620
Kawasaki Z500
Suzuki SV650
Kawasaki GPZ 500s
– No adjustment