Streetfighters at Carole Nash Motorcycle Live 2010 :-)

December 4, 2010

We’ve been in the lucky position where we had exibitor passes as my OH’s bike was in the Custom Xtreme display, and so today we made our second visit to the show.  We still have to go back tomorrow to pick his bike up once the show closes and we’re hoping the worst of the weather is now over and we won’t have any problems.

As we’ve spent 2 Saturdays at the show and have lots of photos I’m going to do a series of posts covering our time up there 🙂

Firstly, the Streetfighters on the Custom Extreme display.  I gotta do this first or my OH will never forgive me 😉

Here are a few closer shots of some of the fighters on display  🙂

First of all is Sideshow’s ‘Roadkill’.  This was originally a 1996 Honda Fireblade but a few months sawing, welding, painting, ebaying and swearing produced this..  If you want to have a look at the build process you can read ALL about it here.  I just love it but unfortunately I’ll never be able to ride it, not unless I take to carrying a set of steps round with me so I can get on it!

This not so little beaut belongs to Mark (Rouge on Custom Fighters).  The frame was custom made by Mark himself in his shed and the oomph is provided by a GSX1400 engine.  If you want to take a look at the build process you can follow it here and it was featured in Issue 202 of Streetfighter Magazine.  This photo doesn’t really do it justice so I’ll do a little write up on this another time with some nice close up photos 🙂

Lastly for today is this one.. A rather tasty Suzuki 7/11 which featured in issue 200 of Streetfighter

More to follow another day 🙂

My Birthday Pressie Arrived Today!

May 28, 2009


My birthday pressie arrived today, a pair of Draggin Jeans Camos in the Molten Red 🙂 and I absolutely love them!

Fit wise (size 10/28″ waist) they are spot on for me, they are really comfortable when riding and I definitely felt a lot cooler in them on the way back from the bike shop after picking them up.

Ermm… Just in case you were wondering I did wear my leather trousers on my bike to the shop (tehehe!) but just had to wear the new trousers home! I couldn’t wait and kept them on after trying them on to make sure they fitted ok 🙂

Oh, by the way, that isn’t me in the photo, I’m more of a girl type shape 🙂 Mind you, I wouldn’t mind having that bike though!

They cost £89.99 at one of my local bike shops, Brackley Yamaha

Here is a bit about them from Draggin Jeans’ website.

Features & Benefits

  • Permanently lined with soft Kevlar® lining.
  • Made from the best quality heavy weight drill fabric – very comfortable to wear.
  • Designed from the most popular fitting styles for men and women.
  • Cut long in the legs.
  • Fully breathable.
  • Fully machine washable.
  • Extra strong zip used.
  • Our own precision engineered button.
  • Large Velcro fastened pockets at knees, 2 pockets at waist, 2 pockets on backside.

They come in a range of colours as well, so there is plenty to choose from and you will probably find a pair which will go with your bike, or at least not clash with it.  Maybe that’s a girl thing but you never know, it may be important to guys too!

  • Flame Orange
  • Arctic Blue
  • Urban
  • Desert
  • Jungle Green
  • Candy
  • Stingers Yellow
  • and of course my Molten Red!

I hope I never have to really ‘test’ how good they are, but if you want to check out how they stand up to tarmac check this out!

Product Testing

That’s a pretty fair product test, don’t you think!!!

I’m one very happy lady this evening..