HOT NEWS – New Motorcycle Test Implementation Date Changes

February 21, 2009

motorcyclelplate.jpgI was at one of my local bike shops, who also does training,  this morning and was reliably informed that the FINAL date for taking the old motorcycle test has been put back now until FRIDAY 24th APRIL.

Apparently this is to allow for the implementation of the new test to come in more smoothly!

So if you are looking at trying to take your motorcycle test before the new one comes into effect it now looks like you have a few extra weeks in which to take the old style test.

Ring your local training school now if you want to be in with a chance of getting your test booked before Friday April 24th, they are getting booked solid.

2009 Motorcycle Road Tax Increases

January 28, 2009

Ok.. there I was, full of righteous indignation at the proposed injustice about to be launched on motorcyclists here in the UK in 2009..

You must know what I mean, the proposed increases in Road Tax!

It was apparently announced in 2008, by Mr Darling, that motorcycle Road Tax was to be doubled in 2009, so the tax on a 125cc machine would go from £15 up to £33.  The blood pressure of motorcyclists all over the country took a huge leap upwards at the news!

I had come across a reminder about a  petition organised against the proposed increase on one of the motorbike forums I frequent. After reading it I decided, ‘Right, time for a blog entry about it’ and off I go, surfing the interweb trying to find out more information, and seeing if I could find the exact rates. 

There are plenty of sites showing the new rates for cars but I couldn’t find anything about the cost hikes for motorcycles. 


Then I came across this..

The 2008 Pre-Budget Report

In this document are the Income Tax, National Insurance, VAT plus other changes for the year 2009-2010.  As well as having this information it also contains the details of the VED (Road Tax) Fees for the year 2009-2010.

And in it, and I quote, are the figures for the Road Tax Fees for 2009-10 for motorcycles.

Vehicle Excise Duty for Motorcycles: 2009-10 rates VED band


2009-10 rate

Up to 150cc







Over 600cc


 And towards the end it also says

“VED rates for motorbikes, Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), Special Types Vehicles, Combined Transport vehicles and all related vehicles will be frozen in 2009.”

So, it doesn’t look like they are going up after all!!!

Panic over!!