Leather Jacket, Trousers & Gloves Deal – Just £139.99

April 6, 2009

Well, there I was this morning wandering round the interweb looking for some good deals and I came across this..

I found an amazing deal for just £139.99 for a complete set of leather bike gear! For that you get a leather jacket with CE approved armour, a pair of leather trousers and gloves as well!  Talk about a bargain 🙂

The normal retail seeling price of the full set of gear is £379.99 but by buying via this link you will save an absolutely masive £240!!! 😀

Jacket, Trousers & Glove Deal

If you follow this link or click on any of the images you will be taken straight to the deal page.

If you are just starting out on your biking life or are looking for either replacement leathers or a second spare set, then you seriously can’t go wrong with this deal!!

Here are a few more details..

Leather Jacket



This superb MAX MPH RED LINE Biker jacket is made from Quality 1.3mm Milled Cowhide Leather. Fitted as standard, with removable CE Approved Body Armour for the back, elbows & shoulders. With additional rubber padding, to the front & back with foam padding around the kidney area.

The highest quality original YKK Zippers along with double stitching to all seams complete the safety features of this ultimate bikers jacket.

Two internal & two external zipped pockets give you plenty of room to store those biker essentials, zipped cuffs with press stud fasteners along with neck & waist Velcro adjustment guarantee your comfort in all conditions.

The MAX MPH RED LINE jacket has an eight inch zip at the rear to allow you to connect to your leather trousers.




These MAX MPH RED LINE JEANS are designed for the ultimate comfort & protection, made from Quality 1.3mm Milled Cowhide Leather with stretch panels for comfort & fit. Fitted as standard, with removable CE Approved Body Armour, to the knees & hips.

The highest quality original YKK Zippers along with double stitching to all seams complete the safety features of these ultimate biker jeans.

These MAX MPH RED LINE jeans have an eight inch zip at the rear to allow you to connect to your leather jacket.




These MAX MPH RED LINE GLOVES are designed for the ultimate comfort & protection, Made from Quality Analin Cowhide Leather, with stretch panels for comfort & fit. They give superb feedback & feel while providing maximum protection.

Carbon Fibre knuckles.

Available Sizes

JACKETS CHEST SIZES = 40” 42” 44” 46” 48” 50”

JEANS WAIST SIZES = 30” 32” 34” 36” 38”


All you have to do is pick the sizes you want when completing the purchase and add them in the special instructions box during the checkout process.. Simple as that 🙂

Caring For Your Bike Gear

January 4, 2009


If like me you are riding through the winter, you have no doubt taken care of your bike to protect it from salt and water damage, But what about your riding gear?

It is recommended that all leather riding gear should be treated about every 3 to 4 months to help keep it in good condition. If you intend riding throughout the winter it may be an idea to give your riding gear a bit of TLC at the start of the winter and possibly a couple times during the bad weather as well, especially if you want them to stay supple, warm and waterproof.

If you ride regularly in the wet you should always allow wet or damp leather to air-dry naturally away from any heat source. You should avoid extreme heat or humidity as it may damage the leather’s natural oils and cause your gear to become rigid and possibly split. If you notice that your leathers become stiff after drying them out it probably means that your gear needs leather conditioner applied to it.

Also, if you ride through the winter you will no doubt encounter salt thrown up from the road by the other vehicles around you! If this does happen you should promptly remove salt deposits from garments by sponging with clear water, then follow with the above treatment for wet or damp leather.

Here is a simple guide to cleaning and conditioning your leather gear.

First, you must clean your leathers before you condition them. Never condition dirty or wet leathers, as they will degrade faster due to the conditioning oils trapping the water and dirt in the leather. If your leathers are not noticeably soiled, give them a wipe down with a slightly damp cloth and let them dry at room temperature overnight. If your leathers need a more thorough cleaning use a good quality leather cleaner. Regardless of how you clean them, always allow your leathers to air-dry completely at room temperature before you condition them. You should always hang leather garments on wide or padded hangers to help maintain their shape.

Next, choose a good leather conditioner and apply a small amount onto a soft cloth and work it gently into the leather. Once you have applied it to the whole garment allow it to sit for half an hour and fully absorb the conditioner, if necessary apply a second coat. Once you have finished applying the conditioner and allowed it to soak into the leather, wipe any excess off with clean dry cloth.

Simple and job done..

Soft, supple leathers which will not only stay warm and waterproof, but as they are looked after properly they will stay looking good for many years to come.

Winter Is On The Way!

October 29, 2008


Its Official.. Winter is on it’s way


I think it’s time to dig out the winter leather motorcycle jacket, the fleece which fits under it, the large scarf to keep my neck warm, the winter motorcycle gloves , and all the other paraphernalia which makes me look like MIchelin (wo)man in the winter..

Oh and I’m looking at getting heated grips for the bike too!!! 

They have these hot hands heated grip covers available on Amazon at the moment for £37.35 which includes £7.64 off.. woohoo!!