(sigh) MORE Snow!

December 16, 2010

Yep, the little white fluffy things are falling out of the sky as I type! 😦

Hopefully it’s too wet out there for them to settle at the moment but, and it’s a big BUT, we are supposed to be having below zero temperatures tonight which means not only will we have icy conditions to deal with first thing, the snow shower which is forecast for 6am will probably settle on top of ice 😦

We’ve been VERY lucky here in Oxfordshire as far as snow goes up until now, but things look like they could be taking a definate turn for the worse on Saturday!  This could make the Christmas shopping I’ve got planned a bit interesting 😉

No doubt people will all be affected by the snow again, work days will be lost, roads will be blocked, cars will be abandoned, and we will once again descend into chaos.  People will start to complain about roads not being cleared and will point fingers at those who’s job it is, the councils and the Government, just like they did a few weeks ago.. Which I’ll readily admit, makes me laugh 🙂

I probably shouldn’t say this (but it’s my blog and I can say what I want!!) but how dumb are some of the people who complain?  I get the part about how councils should try to keep the roads clear but for goodness sake, the snow ploughs and gritters are driven by people!!! They’re not automated machines!! What the hell are the councils supposed to do if the gritter and snow plough drivers themselves can’t get to work?  Magic some out of thin air? It’s not like you can just get ‘anyone’ to drive one of the lorries, they need an HGV licence which the majority people don’t have.  Also it’s been so cold in parts of Scotland that the road salt isn’t melting the ice as the temperature is too low, and the snow plough blades are being broken by the ice.  I’d love to know how people think this should be dealt with, maybe the complainers should get their thinking caps on and come up with a solution for the benefit of us all instead of sitting there whinging.

My other gripe with people and the snow is that, inspite of the severe weather warnings saying “Don’t drive unless it’s an emergency”, people will still try and then complain like hell that it takes them 6 hours to get anywhere.  The dumbest example of this in the recent snow were the drivers, in some parts of the country, who tried to drive even though they had been told THE ROADS WERE CLOSED!!! Come on, how dumb can you be?  Talk about asking for trouble!

No doubt we will see more of this over the coming days on the news reports and I, for one, will sit and wonder about the intelligence of some people!


EU Legislation Places Motorbikes In Harms Way! Cars Must Have Daytime Running Lights!

February 12, 2009

While researching the origins of the proposals to introduce the new motorcycle test, I came across some details of an EU legislation which comes into effect as of 7th February 2011, and which will undoubtedly result in an increase in motorcycle accidents and rider deaths. 

The ‘brainwave’ is that all new small delivery vans and cars MUST be fitted with Daytime Running Lights.  By August 2012 ALL new vehicles, including lorry’s and buses, will have to be fitted with them. 

In other words cars and vans will be running round with lights on all the time as the EU believes,

The DRLs will greatly increase the visibility of motor vehicles to other road users.

and they believe it will improve road safety!

And when I saw that phrase I can honestly say my reaction was “WTF!!!  What about motorbikes running with lights on to make US more visible?”

This EU legislation will put motorcyclists in danger as we, with our smaller profile, will become even more invisible than we are now as the EU believes they need to make LARGER vehicles more visible to each other! Like they aren’t visible enough already, it must take a complete numpty not to see a lorry or a bus!!!

Britain did oppose the directive but, because of majority voting by European transport ministers, was unable to prevent the approval of the legislation.

The UK’s Transport Minister at the time of the early EU discussions on the matter, Stephen Ladyman, said

This directive will kill a lot of motorcyclists. They use daytime lights to make them easier to see, but if cars are using them as well, motorbikes will just blur into the background

And the UK Motorcycle Action Groups president, Ian Mutch, added this,

This is EU lunacy at its cynical worst and a red herring that distracts attention from the real causes of accidents between cars and vulnerable targets, such as motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.

I can’t quite believe this!  The EU introduces changes to the UK motorcycle test to make us better riders, and to try and reduce motorcycle accidents and fatalities, and then introduces legislation which will help to make us even more invisible out on the roads!

Are these guys living on the same planet as the rest of us?

Are they thinking straight, in fact are they thinking at all? 

Where the heck is the logic in their decision?

Is there any logic? 

I really have no idea!

Have a think about this.. How many times do you hear a car driver in an accident say to the other vehicles driver “Sorry mate, I didn’t see you!”.  I bet you any money you like, you won’t hear it said any where near as many times as motorcyclists hear it!!

Please feel free to add a comment to this, I would LOVE to hear what you think about it!


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