Carole Nash Motorcycle Live 2010 – Grand Finale

December 7, 2010

Here is the last video in the series from Motorcycle Live  for the 2010 show 😦

Oh Wow :-)

March 21, 2010

I took my Fireblade out for her first proper run this afternoon after lowering the seat.. and my oh my 🙂

It’s so easy to ride, so smooth and effortless and I’m totally in love 🙂

I took it along some A roads, some round town roads (stopping for a coffee in Brackley) and then for a quick blat up the motorway, taking me home.  After my 400 I definately (hardly surprising really) noticed the increase in power.  I was quite happily cruising along in 3rd, enjoying the nice weather and the roads and glanced down at my speedo and was shocked to see I was doing 70mph!!! I only thought I was doing about 50.. oops 😉

I’m now going to keep a very close eye on the weather every day, good weather with no hint of rain means I’ll be taking the Fireblade to work, dodgy weather or even a hint of rain and I’ll be riding the 400 in.

First Ride On My New Blade :-)

March 8, 2010

I finally took my new Blade out for her first ride yesterday 🙂

Me On My New Blade

….. and I fell totally in love..

I must admit I was a tad nervous about taking it out for the first time (not that I’ll ever admit that to my boyfriend who gave me the bike, but he doesn’t read this so will never know.. tehehehe!!) as it’s  is in pretty much pristine condition and I don’t want to damage it in any way.

I had to wait from Christmas until the 5th February before I could legally rider it as I was riding on a restricted licence until then, but then the weather was against me.. It’s been pretty naff on the weekends through most of February and seeing as I get cold and wet most days just riding to and from work I really wanted to stay warm on the weekends.. And my first ride kept getting put off.. ..

But a sunny Sunday, even though it was a tad cold, meant I could take it out for the first time..

Was I still nervous.. ermm.. yes… Did I take it reeeaaaaaally slow out of our road.. Damn right I did.. Once I got out onto the main road things between me and him (I think this bike is a boy but I’m not certain yet, we need to spend more time together) felt sooo0 much better, things just fell into place and it didn’t feel so big anymore..  Things were just brilliant until I had to stop at some traffic lights and there I was, on my new (to me) bike, with my foot flailing around trying to find the ground before I fell over because the road went down towards the curb..

The thing is I’m on tiptoes on the flat and if the road is just a little bit lower I’m kinda in a sticky situation 😦  I’m worried that until I get used to the extra weight it will go over too far when I’m trying to put my foot down and both of us will end up in a rather undignified heap on the road 😦

How Much Of My Foot Touches The Floor

So, thinking cap on we went home as I couldn’t get the vision of us on our side in the road out of my head..I figured out a way to sort this out and will post about how I did it.

All in all though, I’m one very happy bunny now.. I got to ride it for the first time and I fell in love big time 🙂

My 33bhp Licence Restriction Ends In February 2010

July 15, 2009

And I’m already window shopping for my next bike 🙂

I had already kinda decided what I wanted next and after sitting on one a couple of weeks ago to see if I fitted ok, I have made my mind up that it is definately the bike for me….

One of these….. 🙂

2002 Fireblade, Red

As far me me fitting on the bike, bearing in mind I’m 5′ 3″ tall, I can easily get the balls of both feet on the floor 🙂 the weight of the big blade is about the same as my CBR400, so that won’t be a problem and it felt very comfortable to sit on 🙂 🙂

Best I start saving up for one 🙂

One thing though, I’m gonna have to do something with the exhaust, as and when I get one… It’s flippin HUGE!!!!!!!!!

Dynojet Power Commander V – 10% Off At Moto-Racing UK!

April 6, 2009

I just had to post this..

Moto-Racing UK are currently offering the Dynojet Power Commander V with 10% off for the 2009 range of bikes until midnight on the 8th April 2009.

The Power Commander V normally has a retail price of £313.38 but is on offer for £282.04!!! 😀

Just click on the logo’s at either the top or bottom of this post to be taken to their website 🙂

Dynojet Power Commander V

Power Commander V Basic Features

  • Reduced size from PCIIIusb (less than half of the size of PCIII)
  • USB powered from computer (9 volt adapter is no longer needed for programming)
  • 2 position map switching function built in (map switch not included)
  • Gear/Speed input (allows for map adjustment based on gear and speed)
  • Analog input (allows user to install any 0-5 volt sensor and build an adjustment table based on its input such as boost or temperature)
  • With gear position input connected the PCV is capable of allowing each cylinder to be mapped individually and for each gear (for example: on a 4 cylinder bike with a six speed transmission there could be up to 24 separate fuel tables).
  • Unit has a -100/+250% fuel change range (up from -100/+100%). This allows more adjustment range for 8 injector sportbikes
  • 10 throttle position columns (up from 9 on PCIIIusb)
  • Enhanced “accel pump” utility (increased adjustment and sensitivity ranges)

The models included in the offer are as follows.

2009 Kawasaki ZX6R

2009 Kawasaki ZX10R

2009 Suzuki GSXR600

2009 Suzuki GSXR750

2009 Suzuki GSXR1000

2009 Triumph Daytona 675

2009 Yamaha YZF R6

2009 Yamaha YZF R1

2009 Honda CBR600RR

2009 Honda CBR1000RR

Click here to visit to purchase items.

Intuitive Race Products On Closeout At New Enough

April 1, 2009

Due to availability issues New Enough are now offering the following Intuitive Racing Products on closeout.

Don’t delay when they are gone, they’re gone!!

Just click on the links in the bike models to be taken to New Enough’s Website.

Bar End Sliders for the following models

CNC machined

IRP’s own ultra hard plastic offers the perfect balance of strength and flexibility

Sliders are rigid mounted using high tensile strength fasteners (bolts)

All necessary hardware for installation included

Available in Black only

Honda  CBR600 07/08 & CBR1000 08/09 ,
Kawasaki ZX6R – 07/08, ZX14 – 06/09, Ninja 650R – 07/08, ZX6R – 09
Suzuki GSXR600/750 – 06/09, GSXR1000 – 05/09
Yamaha R6S – 06-09, R6 – 06-09, R1 – 07-08

Frame Sliders For the following models

CNC machined

IRP’s own ultra hard plastic offers the perfect balance of strength and flexibility

Sliders are rigid mounted to the frame or engine mounts using high tensile strength fasteners (bolts)

All necessary hardware for installation included

Available in Black only

    Honda CBR600 – 07/08, CBR1000RR – 08/09
    Kawasaki ZX6R – 07/08, ZX6R – 09, ZX10R – 08/09, ZX14 – 06/09, Ninja 250R – 08/09
    Suzuki GSXR 600/750 – 08/09, GSXR1000 – 05/06, GSXR1000 – 07/08, Hayabusa – 08/09
    Triumph Daytona 675 – 07/08
    Yamaha R6S – 06/07, R6 – 06/07, R6 – 08/09, FZ6 – 04/08, R1 – 07/08

    Spool Sliders for the following models

    IRP’s own ultra hard plastic will not shatter or chip like Delrin

    Dual purpose spool and slider minimizes damage to the swing arm, and axle nut or bolt

    V-groove design for aligning rear stand

    Highest grade steel bolts

    All necessary hardware for installation included

    Sold as a pair

    Available in Black only