Hein Gericke, Oxford – Update

December 11, 2010

As promised in this post, here is a update on the new Hein Gericke store opening near Oxford on the A40 at the Eynsham roundabout.. It’s open 😀

Here are their contact details,


Hein Gericke Oxford, Eynsham Roundabout, Eynsham, Oxford. OX29 4EN

TEL. 01865 883307

E.mail oxford@hg-shop.com


Being located where it is, it has brilliant access and apparently has excellent parking facilities.  I shall have to pop down there sometime soon and have a nose round 😀

Here’s an online copy of their latest catalogue, just in case you fancy a nose.. (well, Christmas is just round the corner!!!)

Oh and talking of Christmas, they even do a Christmas Wish List you can print off and give to those closest to you 😀

UK Drink-Drive Limit May Be Lowered

January 8, 2010

According to this article on the BBC’s website, there is support for lowering the drink-drive limit from it’s current 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood to 50mg.  Motoring organisations are backing the move.

My personal opinion, it should be lower!

I personally would like to see zero tolorance for anyone who even has one drink and then drives.  I’m in the unfortuante position that, after years of hardly drinking at all, one drink really knocks me for 6 (no cheap date jokes please :-)) and I’m definately in no fit state to drive at all.

Hell, I’ll only have a drink at home in the evenings if I know I’m not going to be riding my bike the next day.

In my opinion even having one drink can affect a persons ability to function normally, and I really don’t believe that people who have had a drink or two should be on the road in something which has the potential to kill others.

Traffic Lights On Amber, What do you do?

November 7, 2009

Amber Traffic Light


To the majority of road users the sight of this in front of them means the light is going to turn red, which means to slow down and prepare to stop, right?

I can’t believe the number of people who will simply put their foot down and gun it to get through the light, which is normally red by the time they go past it!  I see it happen every day on my journey to and from work, in fact I saw the driver with a bus full of passengers do it yesterday on my way home!!!! The light was red when he went through, not even amber anymore!!

How come nothing is done about drivers who do this?  We see the police and cameras targeting speeding motorists but how often have you see any kind of presence at traffic lights where the red lights are being jumped? Probably as often as I do….. NEVER!!!




Hmmm…. That Was Different!

October 26, 2009

night driving

Riding home for the first time after the clocks went back at the weekend!

I left work at half 4, the sky seemed bright enough but boy oh boy did it get dark fast!  I’d completely forgotten that the clocks had changed and it was getting quite dark by the time I got home!

I really must remember tomorrow 😉

Huge Sigh of Relief In The UK

October 21, 2009

Apparently, in response to an online petition on the No. 10 website, Gordon Brown has stated that the UK Government will not be looking at reducing the power output of motorcycles to 100 hp, as happens in France.  The French Government is of the opinion that reducing the power output on any bike to 100 hp will result in fewer fatalities. 

Hmm.. A 15 hp 125cc bike will still kill someone if things go badly wrong!  

Thankfully it doesn’t look as if those in power in the UK agree with them.  In a statement, them in charge said that while it supported any measure to reduce deaths and serious injuries, "each initiative needs to be considered on its merits and the relative costs and benefits measured".

The statement went on to say "The Department for Transport is not aware of any evidence to support the introduction of a maximum engine power limit for motorcycle as an effective measure to reduce accidents, and so does not believe that limits on the maximum power of motorcycles are necessary in the UK.

What’s needed is better training, and I’m not just talking about rider training here, but car drivers as well.  How many of us have accidents which are solely the fault of a car driver?  How many of us hear the immortal words “Sorry mate, I didn’t see you”. 

We on bikes know how vulnerable we are and the vast majority of us try our damndest to make sure we don’t end up as a roadside casualty.  But car drivers are a whole other thing, cocooned in their metal boxes, they don’t really understand the vulnerability of less well protected road users. 

In recent years the motorcycle test has been overhauled in an effort to make us safer riders!  How about this for an idea, I know loads of riders think it’s a good one 🙂 How about if all new car drivers had to ride a moped for a few months to teach them road awareness before they ever sat their bums on a car seat?  Would that make them more aware of us riders..

I can pretty much guarantee it would!!

Without experiencing the things we riders face, sometimes on a daily basis, how on earth will car drivers ever understand what its like to feel vulnerable!

Will it ever happen?  Probably not :-( 

Bikers are in the minority and easier to target 😦


July 13, 2009

I was coming into Banbury on my way home from work this afternoon and this dozy woman decided she wanted to be in the same lane as me….. Normally not a problem, right?

Well…. This time it was.. She decided to change lanes WITHOUT checking her blind spot, where I was and almost drove straight into me!!!!!!

Luckily for me, she realised I was there at the last minute and pulled back over.. It was definately lucky for me as there was traffic coming in the opposite direction and I literally had no where to go to get away from her!

Judging by the look on her face when she realised I was there, methinks she may have shat herself!!!!

Motorcycle Safety Campaign – Funny, But Informative

May 21, 2009

I came across these today and thought I would pop them on here..

I found them on The Motorcycle Industry Association’s website and thought they conveyed the information in a way which makes you giggle, while still getting the point across..

Just click on the thumbnails to be taken to the larger images

How To Avoid Problems At Junctions Small

Hazards Along The Road Small

Road Surfaces Small

Diesel And Liquid Spills Small

Damaged And Repaired Road Surfaces Small

Traffic Calming Measures Small

Apparently there are more to come and I will add those as they appear on the site.

Images courtesy of Motorcycle Industry Association