Update – April 2010.. Selling My Baby Blade

September 11, 2010

Time for a few updates I think..  What with working pretty much full time now and being busy with things at home I’ve been very lax with my posting on here..  Sorry, so here are a few updates to fill you in on what has been happening..

April saw me riding my Fireblade into work whenever the weather was good enough to take her out and on rubbish days I rode the BabyBlade in. This was all good apart from the fact that I found it really difficult to ride the BabyBlade after having ridden the Blade for a few days. The difference in seat height was off putting to say the least and when sitting on the BabyBlade I used to wonder when the heck my bum was gonna stop going down and actually find the seat. Another problem was the difference in engine size. Dropping down to a 400cc engine from a 900 was just too much! I was finding myself trying to ride the 400 as I was the 900 and while she was a great bike she wasn’t the same! One further niggle was the small physical size of the 400, my knee has never been right since my accident in December and aches quite a bit and the more cramped riding position of the 400 really didn’t help matters.

Sooooo.. I decided it was time to sell my 400 and buy something bigger, both in engine size and physical size. I thought a bike with an engine size of between 600cc and 750cc would be good for a start, it had to be faired as I ride all year round in all weathers and started looking round for bikes which tickled my fancy 🙂

One Saturday about halfway through the month I scrubbed and polished her to within an inch of her life and took some nice piccys and wrote what I thought was a really good advert and popped her on Ebay and waited 😀

Soon the watchers were over a hundred and I kinda figured I wouldn’t have any problem selling her, plus I was sure I would meet the reserve I’d set on her. Sure enough she sold for the kind of figure I wanted and I sat an waited for the buyer to make contact after I sent the invoice. A few days later I was getting concerned and after sending a payment request also sent several emails. I’d tracked down his phone number via Ebay and even phoned him and he promised he would be there in a few days to pay for her and take her away. The few days came and went and still nothing, no contact of any kind so I started a non-payment dispute with Ebay..

What happened? You guessed it, he completely ignored it! I wasn’t a happy bunny I can tell you!

Because of Ebay rules you can’t leave negative feedback for non-performing bidders anymore so I did what I could! I left a positive with my negative comment in capital letters so it stood out! I was more hacked off though because I was missing out on bikes I was really interested in as a replacement!

I know that people do this with alarming regularity on Ebay, you quite often see ads with “relisted due to timewaster” and it’s a risk you take but it’s so damn annoying when it happens to you! I did everything I could and short of taking my bike to his house and demanding he gave me the money for it, I couldn’t do more..

Oh well, sh!t happens!

Bike Theft Foiled By Lucky(?) Breakdown

February 21, 2009

I just had to giggle about this piece of news that I came across today, talk about being glad that your motorbike broke down!

A certain gentleman called Mark Machae of Worcester went to have a look at a motorbike and after viewing the machine for a while asked if he could take it for a test ride as he definately wanted to buy it.  Like most sensible owners, the person selling the bike told him that he could provided he handed over the £1200 asking price.

Which he did, in a brown envelope!

Unfortunately the stash of £20 notes turned out to be photocopies and Mr Machae was in fact stealing the bike!

But all was not lost!

Luckily, or unluckily for Mr Machae, the bike broke down on the test ride and he was caught thanks to DNA evidence gained from a hair in a baseball cap, left at the scene of the theft, which forensic experts were able to match to Mr Machae.   Mr Machae was sentenced to 4 months in prison, suspended for 2 years as well as being subject to a drug rehab requirement and was also ordered to pay £300 compensation.

Most of us are less than happy if our bikes break down, but I can bet you anything you like the owner was VERY glad of this breakdown.

I know I would have been if someone was was trying to nick my bike!

If you are selling a motorbike and someone wants to have a test ride make sure you really check any cash handed over as you may unwittingly be the victim of a similar scam.  And you probably won’t be lucky enough to have your bike break down on the test ride.