Time To Spend Some Money On My Baby..

July 11, 2009

Motorcycle workshopWell, it’s like this..

I’ve had my bike now for 16 months and the time has come to spend some money on her as a few things need to be sorted out….

Firstly a new chain and sprocket set.. Unfortunately I have a link seizing up on me, so it’s time to replace the lot.. I did a bit of hunting around on the interweb and managed to find an X-ring DID chain and sprocket set for the absolutely stunning price of £76.94 on ebay from Hunters Motorcycles 🙂 It’s been paid for and should be with me very soon..

She also needs a new set of tyres.. Now as far as the tyres on my baby are concerned I cannot complain one bit.. They were on the bike when I bought her and looked fairly new and since then I have done over 4500 miles on them.. There is still more than enough tread on them but they have squared off and so tip me into corners suddenly, rather than me leaning over nicely.. So they have been ordered so they can be replaced..

New fork seals are needed as the right hand one is on it’s way out and has just started leaking a little, so S & M Motorcycles of Banbury is pricing them up for me.. And they will be replaced at the same time as the tyres are done 🙂

Now that may look like a scary shopping list (it did to me at first!!!) … but….. I’ve only spent £50 odd for parts, other than normal servicing costs, for my bike since I bought her so I really can’t complain at all 🙂