Funny Christmas Card

December 7, 2008

I had to bung a scan of this on here.  It was one of the cards in the box I bought this morning!

Its brilliant..

Santa and the Speed Camera!

Santa and the Speed Camera!

I Would Love To Hear The Story Behind This!

December 2, 2008

I came across this picture today, and its really made me chuckle!

I wonder what the story behind it is?


Bored? Fancy A New Project?

November 1, 2008

OK, picture this.. Its the weekend, you’re bored.. You have a couple of motorbikes/scooters knocking about out in the garage and you decide to go out and do a bit of tinkering.

As the day progresses the sound of hammering, sawing and drilling eminate from your garage.. The neighbours complain but you carry on regardless.. and when you ride out of your garage you are riding THIS!!!

Now, seeing the scale of such a project a few thoughts pop into my head… (as seems to be happening quite a bit these days!!)

1. Considering its difficult enough as it is to communicate between the rider and pillion.. HOW THE HECK WILL YOU MANAGE ON THIS????

2. How long would that throttle cable need to be?

3. Is there any kind of delay when using the rear brake?

4. I bet it corners like a pig! and forget counter steering!!

And last of all

5. WHY??????

You can read more in the Grantham Journal about the man who decided a record breaking attempt was a good idea and look here if you want to see the bike in motion.

Photo from the Grantham Journal