Helmet Sale At Hein Gericke

November 29, 2010

Another quick update.. And just in time for Christmas

Hein Gericke are currently slashing the prices on 1000’s of helmets

Click on this image to see the offer catalogue Smile


Helme sale

New HJC IS-16 Type O Graphic Helmet

October 15, 2009

I was recently in the market for a new helmet and after thinking about things and looking about had decided about getting the Caberg Trip… but… after trying it on decided it was way too uncomfortable and aside from that it didn’t fit properly..

So I had to play hunt the helmet again..

Here in Banbury the local bike shop shut down and while the closest ones aren’t too far away it’s still a pain if you just fancy popping in to have a nose round and possibly buy summat.  I really didn’t fancy buying a helmet online as it’s just a pain in the butt 😦 to keep returning things if they don’t fit properly!

So after work one vaguely sunny afternoon I decided to nip into Kings near Oxford and have a look to see what they had available.  I walked out with this one 🙂


The HJC IS-16 Type 0 Graphic 🙂

I’ve never had an HJC helmet before but this one is so comfortable and fits my head like a glove 🙂 and at £149, from a retail shop, didn’t really break the bank either..

I love the internal sun visor, hopefully it will save me a small fortune considering the number of pairs of sunglasses I break every year when trying to wear them in my helmet.. My only complaint, and it’s not bothering me that much, is that it’s a bit of a noisy helmet.. Other than that it’s perfect 🙂

HJC IS16 Type O

Oh, I did have one slight accident at the shop though and managed to buy another pair of gloves while I was in there!!! oops!!!

Oh well, gloves will always come in handy 🙂

Helmet Specs

  • Drop-down sun visor
  • Quick Release visor system
  • Anti Fog Visor
  • Removable Lining
  • Removable Breath Guard
  • Removable Chin Curtain
  • 4 Point Ventilation
  • Safety Standard ECE22.05
  • ACU Gold Standard for use on the track

  • Sharp Motorbike Helmet Safety Ratings

    April 9, 2009

    Introduced in November 2007, the SHARP Motorcycle Helmet Safety Rating Scheme aims to save lives of riders involved in motorbike accidents.  The first scheme of it’s kind worldwide, the SHARP (Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme) aims to give a totally independent rating on the levels of protection crash helmets will provide in the event of an impact.

    The helmets are rated on a scale of 1-5 depending on their performance in a series of laboratory tests.  While all crash helmets on sale in the UK must offer a minimum standard of protection, it has been found that there are real differences in how well the various helmets perform in the tests.  The rating shows how much over the minimum required standard the helmets perform.

    The scheme is designed to give riders an easy to understand guide to which helmets will offer them the best protection.

    One thing which has become apparent, looking at the tables below, is that the more expensive helmets are not necessarily the best performing ones.  There are quite a few helmets costing under £100 which score either a 4 or a 5 in the tests.

    These are the Sharp safety ratings released to date.  As and when new ratings are released, I will update this information so it is kept up to date.

    9th April 2009

    Following an update email this morning I have amended the following list to include the ratings published on an additional 28 helmets.

    Make Model Style Sizes Cost (£) Rating
    out of 5
    AGV Airtech Full Face XS-XXL 150 ****
    K Series Full Face S-XL 100 ***
    S-4 Full Face XXS-XXL 180 *****
    K3 Full Face XS-XXL 149 ****
    Ti-Tech Full Face XXS-XXL 250 ****
    S-4 Stealth Full Face XXS-XXL 180 *****
    Longway System XS-XL 150 ****
    Airoh Leox Full Face XS-XL 99 ***
    Speed Fire Full Face XS-XL 50 ****
    Mathisse RS System XS-XXL 120 **
    Arai RX-7 Full Face XXS-XXL 450 ***
    Condor Full Face XS-XXL 200 **
    GP5x Full Face XS-XXL 300 *****
    Viper GT Full Face XS-XXL 330 ***
    Astro Full Face XS-XL 330 ***
    Arashi Viper Full Face S-XL 65 ****
    Galaxy Full Face XS-XL 49 ***
    Sonic Full Face XS-XL 49 ***
    Turbo Full Face XS-XL 49 ***
    Bell M1 Full Face XS-XXL 130 *****
    M4R Full Face XXS-XXL 220 *****
    M5X Full Face XS-XXL 299 *****
    BMW System 5 System XXS-XXL 280 *****
    Box BX4 Full Face XS-XXL 80 **
    BX2 Full Face S-XL 60 ****
    BX3 Dagger Full Face XS-XL 54 **
    BX5 Hurricane Full Face XS-XL 49 ****
    Buell Turbulent Full Face XXS-XXL 180 *****
    Caberg V2R Full Face XXS-XXL 100 *****
    Trip System XS-XL 100 *****
    Justissimo GT System XS-XXL 150 ****
    Duchinni D801 Full Face XXS-XXL 80 ****
    D601 System XS-XXL 90 *
    D701 Full Face XS-XXL 50 ****
    G-Mac Concept System XS-XXL 80 ***
    Givi HPS40.1 Full Face XS-XL 199 ***
    Grex RF2 Full Face XS-XXL 120 ****
    R1 Full Face XS-XL 100 ****
    HJC HQ-1 Full Face XS-XL 249 *****
    CS-12 Full Face XS-XXL 69 **
    FG-14 Full Face XS-XXL 150 ***
    CL-ST Full Face XS-XL 109 ***
    FS-10 Full Face XS-XXL 169 ***
    CS-12N Full Face XS-XXL 120 ***
    CS-R1 Full Face XS-XL 99 *
    FG-15 Full Face XS-XL 139 ****
    IS-16 Full Face XS-XXL 119 **
    FS10 Carbon Full Face XS-XXL 249 ***
    KBC Force RR Full Face XXS-XXL 90 *
    VR2R Full Face XXS-XXL 180 **
    FFR System XXS-XXL 140 *
    Magnum Full Face XXS-XXL 139 *
    TK8 Full Face XXS-XXL 59 *
    XP3 Full Face XXS-XXL 129 ***
    Lazer Fibre Pro Full Face XS-XXL 140 ****
    LZ6 Full Face XS-XL 60 *****
    Tornado Full Face XS-XL 90 **
    Vertigo Full Face XS-XXL 70 ****
    Fibre D1 Full Face XS-XL 200 ****
    Granville System XS-XL 100 ****
    Revolution System XXS-XXL 140 ****
    Marushin Tiger Full Face XXS-XXL 100 *****
    RS1 Carbon Full Face XXS-XXL 200 *****
    Ikusa Full Face XS-XXL 119 ****
    Samura Full Face XS-XXL 99 *****
    Shivan Full Face XS-XXL 119 ****
    M401 Full Face XS-XXL TBA **
    Nitro N810VX Full Face S-XL 100 ****
    N820VX Full Face S-XL 120 ****
    N330VX Full Face S-XL 50 **
    N755VX Full Face S-XL 80 ****
    N1430VX Full Face S-XL 100 ****
    N1600VN Full Face S-XL 80 ****
    N1700 VF Full Face XS-XXL 119 *****
    F347VN System XS-XXL 99 ***
    Nolan N62 Full Face XS-XXL 130 ****
    N84 Full Face XS-XXL 150 ****
    N103 System XXS-XXL 250 ****
    N102 System XS-XXL 200 ****
    Nuvo SP2 Full Face XS-XL 119 ****
    Premier Monza Full Face XS-XXL 170 ****
    Roof RO10 Diversion Full Face XS-XXL 245 ****
    RO10 Daytona Full Face XS-XXL 245 ***
    Boxer System XS-XL 215 ****
    RST Racevent Full Face XS-XXL 125 ***
    Cobra Vent Full Face S-XL 79 ****
    PC1S Full Face XS-XL 60 *
    Schuberth S1 Pro Full Face XS-XXXL 400 **
    R1 Full Face XS-XXL 320 **
    C2 System XS-XXL 350 ****
    Scorpion EXO-700 Full Face S-XL 100 ****
    Shark RSR2 Full Face XS-XL 319 *****
    S500 Air Full Face XS-XXL 114 ****
    RSF 2i Full Face XS-XL 159 ****
    RSI Full Face XS-XL 199 ****
    S800 Full Face XS-XL 149 ****
    Openline System XS-XL 190 ***
    Evoline System XS-XL 250 ****
    S650 Full Face XS-XL 125 ****
    RSX Full Face XS-XL 169 *****
    Shoei Raid II Full Face XS-XL 250 ****
    XR-1000 Full Face XS-XL 330 ***
    X-Spirit Full Face XS-XL 480 ****
    Multitech System XS-XXL 300 ***
    Suomy Extreme Full Face S-XL 400 ***
    Gunwind Full Face S-XL 220 ***
    Spec 1R Full Face S-XL 300 ***
    Takachi TK-30 Full Face S-XL 60 **
    Urban N20 Full Face XS-XXL 100 ***
    Vemar VSREV Full Face S-XL 190 **
    TA12K Full Face S-XL 70 ***
    VSSEV Full Face XS-XL 119 *
    VTXE Full Face XXS-XXXL 149 **
    VXP Full Face XXS-XXXL 79 ***
    Viper RS 40 Full Face XXS-XXL 50 ***
    RS 66 Full Face XXS-XXL 70 ***
    RS V121 System XS-XL 150 ***
    RS101 System XS-XL 60 ****
    X-Lite X601 Full Face XS-XXL 120 ****
    X602 Full Face S-XL 200 ****
    X701 Full Face S-XL 260 ****
    X801 Full Face S-XL 320 ****
    X1002 System XS-XXL 249 ****

    Also take a look at the following entry

    Choosing The Correct Size Motorcycle Helmet

    Save £££’s on HJC Helmets

    April 8, 2009

    There are currently some good deals around if you are looking at buying yourself a new crash helmet.  I’ve come across these for some of the HJC range.  If you are just starting out on a bike and are looking to buy your first set of gear then you can’t go far wrong with these.  They are also suitable as a second standby helmet and are all being sold at affordable prices.

    The helmet size conversion chart is at the bottom of this entry and you may also want to take a look at this entry Choosing The Correct Size Motorcycle Helmet to make sure you choose the right size for your head 🙂

    Firstly the HJC IS-16 Range available

    These helmets got a 2* Sharp Helmet safety rating.. The helmets are priced at £132.99 and are available in the following designs.

    HJC IS-16 Type O Available in Black or White

    There is something to be said about a black crash helmet, I tend to buy plain black ones every time.  This has a very subtle design on it and I quite like this one 🙂

    HJC IS-16 ScratchAvailable in Gunmetal/Black, Blue/Black and Red/Black

    HJC IS-16 Arkanium Available in Pink

    Helmet Specifications

  • Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell: Lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology.
  • One-touch Integrated SunShield: Smoke-tinted 3-stage adjustable SunShield deploys quickly and easily (patent pending).
  • AccuSight™ Anti-fog Faceshield: Optically superior 3D design provides 95% UV protection and an anti-scratch coating.
  • RapidFire™ Shield Replacement System: Quick, secure, tool-less removal and installation.
  • "ACS" Advanced Channeling Ventilation System: Full front to back airflow flushes heat and humidity up and out
  • SilverCool™ Interior: Moisture-wicking and odour-free interior with advanced silver anti-bacterial fabric. Comfortable, removable and washable.
  • DOT Approved
  • Next is the HJC FS-15 Prism helmet

    Priced at £170.99 these got a score of 4* in the Sharp Helmet safety rating tests.

    HJC FS-15 Prism

    Helmet Specifications

    • Advanced Fibreglass Composite Shell: Lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology.
    • Optically-superior Pinlock®-prepared Faceshield: New 3D design provides 95% UV protection, anti-scratch coating and is prepared for the ultimate anti-fog Pinlock insert.
    • RapidFire™ Shield Replacement System: Quick, secure, tool-less removal and installation.
    • “ACS” Advanced Channeling Ventilation System: Full front to back airflow flushes heat and humidity up and out.
    • SilverCool™ Interior: Removable moisture-wicking and odour-free interior with advanced silver anti-bacterial fabric.
    • SNELL/DOT Approved

    Next up is the HJC CS-12N Cyclone Helmet

    This is priced at just £75.99 and scored 3* in the Sharp helmet tests. The price is pretty damn good for a 3* helmet and the designs not too bad either 🙂

    This is available in the following colours – Red/Silver, Pink/Silver, Blue/Silver and Black Silver.

    HJC CS-12N

    Helmet Specifications

  • Standard: Meets or exceeds DOT standard .
  • Shell: Ultra lightweight thermoplastic alloy shell.
  • Ventilation: Maximum chin-bar ventilation ensures minimum fogging while maximum air intake is achieved with 2 large adjustable venturi side vents and a traditional centre chin vent, drawing excess humidity away from the shield.
  • Interior: Plush Nylex interior and cheek pads for maximum absorption.
  • Others: Breathbox and anti-fog coated shields available for cold and/or wet conditions.
  • Size: XS to XL.
  • The next offering is the HJC CL-SP Throttle.

    Available in blue/black, red/black and gunmetal/black it scored 3* in the Sharp helmet tests and is available for £113.99

    HJC CL-ST Throttle

    Helmet specifications

    • Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell: Lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology.
    • AccuSight™Anti-fog Faceshield: Optically superior 3D design provides 95% UV protection and an anti-scratch coating.
    • RapidFire™ Shield Replacement System: Quick, secure, tool-less removal and installation.
    • 2-stage Shield Closure Mechanism: Compresses shield into the eye port gasket providing an extremely secure seal.
    • “ACS” Advanced Channeling Ventilation System: Full front to back airflow flushes heat and humidity up and out.
    • Bioceramic Nylex® Moisture-wicking Interior: Anti-bacterial, removable and washable.
    • SNELL/DOT Approved
    • SIZES: XS-XL

    Lastly in this little selection are the HJC CS-R1 Samurai and Fang helmets.

    These got a 1* rating in the Sharp Helmet safety tests and are priced a priced at £104.99

      HJC CS-R1 Samuri The Samurai design above is one I personally quite like 🙂

      HJC CS-R1 Fang

    • Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell: Lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology.
    • RapidFire™ Shield Replacement System: Quick, secure, tool-less removal and installation.
    • Optically Superior Faceshield: 95% UV protection.
    • Advanced Ventilation System: Adjustable forehead and chin vents, and two rear exhaust vents.
    • Plush, Nylex® Interior: Removable and washable cheek pads.
    • DOT Approved
    • SIZES: XS-XL

    Here is HJC’s helmet size conversion chart, just to try and be as helpful as possible 🙂

      Helmet Size Centimetres Hat Size Inches
      XXS 51-52 6 3/8 – 6 1/2 20- 20 1/2
      XS 53-54 6 5/8 – 6 3/4 20 7/8 – 21 1/4
      S 55-56 6 7/8 – 7 21 5/8 – 22
      M 57-58 7 1/8 – 7 1/4 22 1/2 – 22 7/8
      L 59-60 7 3/8 – 7 1/2 23 1/4 – 23 5/8
      XL 61-62 7 5/8 – 7 3/4 24 – 24 3/8
      XXL 63-64 7 7/8 – 8 24 3/4 – 25 1/4
      XXXL 65-66 8 1/8 – 8 1/4 25 5/8 – 26

    Save Up To £80 On HJC Helmets At M&P

    February 23, 2009

    How about this for a deal?

    M & P practically giving away some of the HJC crash helmet range for the absolutely stunning price of £30!!!

    Take a look at the chart below and you will see that you can save up to a MASSIVE £79 on the normal retail price.  The HJC helmets did quite well in the Sharp Helmet Safety Rating tests and are a perfect choice if you are shopping for your first helmet or just looking for a replacement in these cash strapped times.

    The helmets which are being discounted include the following

    The Eve helmet in both pink and purple,


    The Myth helmet in black or blue


    and the Session helmet in blue, black or red


    To check out the details on the site just click on the item description in the chart below and it will take you straight to their website.  Don’t delay though as there is limited stock, and at these prices I very much doubt they will have them for long!

    Part Number Description Size Sale Price
    226810 HJC CL-ST Mosaic Matt Graphic
    XLarge £30 £79
    227387 HJC CL-ST Eve Helmet Purple
    XSmall £30 £79
    227389 HJC CL-ST Eve Helmet Purple
    Medium £30 £79
    227390 HJC CL-ST Eve Helmet Purple
    Large £30 £79
    227391 HJC CL-ST Eve Helmet Pink
    XSmall £30 £79
    227393 HJC CL-ST Eve Helmet Pink Medium £30 £79
    808196 CS-12 SESSION RED MC1 XSmall £30 £79
    808200 CS-12 SESSION RED MC1 XLarge £30 £79
    808197 CS-12 SESSION RED MC1 Small £30 £79
    808198 CS-12 SESSION RED MC1 Medium £30
    808199 CS-12 SESSION RED MC1 Large £30
    218710 CS-12 Session Black MC-5 XSmall £30 £79
    218711 CS-12 Session Black MC-5 Small £30
    218712 CS-12 Session Black MC-5 Medium £30 £79
    218709 CS-12 Session Blue MC-2 XLarge £30
    218707 CS-12 Session Blue MC-2 Medium £30 £79
    218708 CS-12 Session Blue MC-2 Large £30 £79
    218713 CS-12 Session Black MC-5 Large £30 £79
    221167 CL-ST Myth Helmet Black XLarge £30
    221163 CL-ST Myth Helmet Black XSmall £30 £119
    221162 CL-ST Myth Helmet Blue XLarge £30 £119
    221161 CL-ST Myth Helmet Blue Large £30 £119
    221160 CL-ST Myth Helmet Blue Medium £30 £119
    221159 CL-ST Myth Helmet Blue Small £30
    221158 CL-ST Myth Helmet Blue XSmall £30

    Save £££’s On Helmets At Hein Gericke

    February 22, 2009

    As of 20th February and until the 1st March 2009 you can save up to £80 on the price of the new range of 2008/2009 helmets if you shop at Hein Gericke.  And not only are these discounts available instore you can also get them if you buy via mail order or from their online catalogue!

    So have a look at the helmets they stock and you can save the following amounts on their listed prices

    £100 – £200 = £20 DISCOUNT!

    £200 – £400 = £40 DISCOUNT!

    £400+ = £80 DISCOUNT!

    The discounts are not available on previously discounted items, non stock items nor are they valid with any other offer but never the less they represent a big saving on the price of a new helmet.

    So if you are in the market for a new helmet, maybe for the fast approaching riding season, it is definately worth looking either in one of their stores or at their online store

    Huge Discounts At Motorcycle Superstore

    January 19, 2009

    Just click on either the photos or the Motorcycle Superstore.Com logos to be taken to their online store where you will find lots of fantastic money saving deals 🙂

    Happy Shopping!

    Icon Mainframe Hooligan Helmet 

    MSRP $250-280 NOW $119.99

    Icon Mainframe Hooligan Helmet
    Icon Mainframe Hooligan Helmet

    The Mainframe helmet from Icon was designed with the rider’s safety, fit and function in mind The shell is constructed of a fiberglass/dyneema blend and is lined with a dual density styrene liner for incredible strength without unnecessary weight Features include a Venturi super-vent system for the ultimate in airflow A three forehead switch acts as an additional ram-air vent to significantly increase the overall cooling of the helmet Internal on/off chin exhaust switch offers control of escaping air Removable molded breath deflector reduces shield fogging Positive-lock chin venting system helps prevent fogging Removable/washable cheek pads with formed ear pockets that can accept communication or audio speakers Removable anti-fog breath deflector Optically correct polycarbonate, 7-position shield offers safe, clear vision and easy no-tool replacement system Exceeds all DOT and Snell standards **Closeouts are limited to stock on hand**

    Icon Women's Mainframe Hooligan Helmet

    Ladies Icon Mainframe Hooligan Helmet

     Teknic Supervent Gloves

    Was $39.99 NOW $14.99

    Teknic Supervent Gloves
    Teknic Supervent Gloves

    With sizes starting at small they are suitable for us female riders as well 🙂

    I have a pair of these, in black, and for the summer they are an excellent riding glove.  My hands feel so cool wearing them and I would definately recommend them to anyone 🙂

    Teknic Supervent Gloves Anatomical pre-curved cut fingers and palm. Airmesh outershell for excellent breathability and airflow with a leather palm. Cuff strap safety wrap system wraps over the outside of the glove to protect glove seams, and allow cuff adjustment. Little finger safety wrap system wraps over the outside of the little finger and glove side to protect glove seams. Heavy elastic cuff for better glove retention. Leather overlay panels on all dingers for added abrasion resistance. Scholler Keprotec lined palm 6 mm foam padding in palm, fingers and in knuckles. Stretch Keprotec thumb for better fit and feel. Rubber grip clarion overlay on thumb for better grip **Closeouts are limited to stock on hand**

     Arlen Ness Womens Charolette Leather Jacket

    Was $399.99 NOW $240.00

    Arlen Ness Women's Charolette Leather Jacket
    Arlen Ness Women’s Charolette Leather Jacket

    Arlen Ness Women’s Charolette Leather Jacket Made of high-quality cowhide leather Drum-dyed all the way through for excellent color Washed for a distressed look Pre-curved arms and perforation along inner arms provides extra comfort when riding raised ribbed panels along shoulder and lower back Pink lining is make of breathable fleece Two side zippers and two sets of pockets in the inside and outside Technical embroidery and pink accent stitching Available in women sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL **Closeouts are limited to stock on hand**